In developing nations, people adopt different strategies to save money, and some tech companies are helping them out by introducing new and innovative services. In India, PayTm and Mobikwik offer 10 to 20 percent cash back on recharging through their websites and app.

The money is automatically added to your digital wallet, and you can use it for the next recharge. Freecharge, now owned by Snapdeal allows choosing free coupons on recharging the phone, DTH or a broadband connection. Online and app-based taxi companies have started to offer carpooling services in India.

Meru cabs were the 1st company to announce this service. Now the world’s largest taxi operator (valued to be around 50 billion dollars), Uber has decided to follow the paths of Meru as it has announced that UberPool will be live in the country soon. Bengaluru is the 1st Indian city in which users will enjoy this new service.

Uber car pooling service in India Bengaluru

What is a carpool?

Well, this is cost cutting technique adopted and used by taxi companies. It will save fuel and your money. It will also ensure a safe journey as you’ll not be traveling alone. In Carpool, if two or more people are going to the same destination via the same route, they can opt for this service. The cab/taxi driver will pick up other travelers from the same path.

Carpooling service will not waste your time, but it might affect the earnings of the driver. Some drivers will earn a lot of cash while others will have to wait for someone to book their taxi.

Uber Carpool service will cut down pollution, and it will help in reducing traffic in overcrowded cities. This is an excellent initiative from large companies, and smaller operators will hopefully join the likes of Meru cabs, Uber, etc. This will help in cutting down emission of gases that are responsible for the global warming crisis. Here is the video that explains the same.

Uber operates in more than 40 countries and it already an experienced company when it comes to carpooling. UberPool is active in some of the top cities in the world. In Francisco, it has helped the drivers save millions of gallon fuel. Here in India, Uber had recently signed a MoU with one of Tamil Nadu Government, but it is still struggling to get License from the Delhi Government after this unfortunate incident.


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