AVG, one of the leading computer and mobile security company has been publishing various reports on the basis of data collected by its Android applications. Its latest app performance report has revealed the truth behind average battery backup of Android devices.

AVG’s analysis reveal that WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, and Instagram consume a lot of battery when they’re running in the background. AVG claims that the Google play services framework is responsible for lower battery backup as well. GPS is an essential service which is used by many applications. If you remove GPS, apps and games dependent on it will not work.

For better battery performance, the user should monitor background activities. Users should identify and kill processes that are transferring data or wasting CPU cycles in the background mode.

battery draining games and apps

Microsoft corporation is tempting Android users to use its most powerful services. Outlook app was launched as an alternative to Gmail and it has managed to get plenty of users. Unfortunately, Outlook has been featured in AVG’s list of top battery-draining apps as well.

Games are also responsible for the fast draining battery too. Supercell’s clash of clans, and Talking Tomcat/Angela at the 4th position in Android app performance report. These games have beautiful graphics. Thus, they require much higher system resources.

WeChat has a very large user base with around 500 MN active installations and it is at the 5th position.

Storage space is important and if your phone doesn’t have enough free space to write cache, logs or save data, the OS will crash or apps that require disk writing permission will throw errors. Regular usage of Cleanmaster will fix this problem. AVG analysed top applications for their ROM usage and they found that Amazon Kindle Fire and Facebook stores a lot of data on your phone.

According to AVG, Ashley Madison is adding plenty users after it was hacked in 2015. After the incident, many people had deleted their Ashley Madison account. The incident didn’t affect the app’s popularity because it was covered in many top newspapers and online publications and this resulted in a lot of free publicity.

AVG report mentions that Samsung is still the top phone brand in the world. The analysis revealed that 9 or the 10 mobile devices it tested randomly were manufactured by Samsung.

Note: The above report is based on the data collected from AVG Cleaner and battery saver application.

What needs to be done?

Both the OS and applications need optimization because they work with each other. The app will require access to the operating system functions. Android OS will have to manage system performance. Sometimes, the hardware is also responsible for bad battery backup. Phone manufacturers should identify and avoid using faulty components.


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