Every QWERTY keyboard has a print screen button that allows you to capture everything that appears on your screen to a document or an image file. When you press this key, you’ll have to:

  • Open a photo editor or a word processor.
  • Paste the copied content.
  • Save the file to any format of your choice.

To take full page screenshots, you don’t have to download and run any software on your computer nor you’ve to press any buttons on your keyboard. Google Chrome allows you to capture an entire web page easily through an extension called Blipshot.

This new plugin was published on the Chrome web store on 23rd of August. Within 10 days of launch, Blipshot has been downloaded over 20000 times. It works on all latest MAC, Windows, and Linux versions of Chrome. This extension requires just 176 kilobytes of hard disk space. It requires a low volume of system memory.

The extension can capture full page screenshots of any website or web page you come across.

How to use Blipshot?

Open Google Chrome, download and install this plugin from the web store. You’ll see a camera icon at the top right corner of the browser. Open any website that you want to capture and click on the Blipshot icon. Now, right-click anywhere on the screenshot. Select “save image as” option from the context menu that you see on the screen.

Blipshot - a chrome extension to take full page screenshot

Once you do so, Chrome will open a file browser dialog. Select a directory or a folder of your choice from the dialog and click on the save button. This Chrome extension can be used to take full page screenshot of websites with flash videos and animations.

By default, the plugin lets users the screenshot as a JPG file. You can change the default file format from Blipshot settings interface.


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