When you visit a nearby clinic or hospital to get your illness treated, the doctor will write down some medicine names on paper, and he’ll ask you to get them. Though generic drugs are readily available in the markets, the doctor will ask to you buy an expensive or branded drug.

Suppose this doctor charges 100 Rs fee, and he prescribes medicines worth 200 Rs, the patient will have to spend 300 for getting his disease cured.

The doctor may partner with the pharmacy store owner, and they’ll both share the profit from your purchase.

If the medicine is not available at the pharmacy store, the pharmacist will request you to buy its alternate. The patient will go ahead and purchase the drug without knowing the cost difference between the two.

As the store owner is selling the medicines for his profit, there are very few chances that he will sell a cheaper substitute (though constituents of both the medicines are same).

To make sure that you’re not being fooled by the doctor or the pharmacist, you should download 1MG app and use it.

This app will save you a lot of money if you often fall sick, or one of your family members is suffering from major illness and requires treatment in the hospital.

For example, If you’ve been recommended a 100 Rs XYZ medicine with 10MG of ABC salt manufactured by a renowned company. With 1MG app, you can easily find out cheaper medicines with the same salts.

1MG app gives you details of the composition of the medicine. It also makes the user aware of their uses, side effects, cheaper alternatives, etc. It is updated daily with health tips and facts shared by expert doctors and health professionals. You can buy medicine online with it at good discounts (this feature is available only in some cities in India).

The user can go through expert advice and FAQs through the same 1MG health app.

If you’re a patient, 1MG app for Android will allow setting pill, tablet or medicine reminders. This is a very useful feature for people who tend to forget things fast. If you’ve missed a dose, the app will make you aware of it.

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If one of the members of your family is a cancer patient, you can get the second opinion for him/her by talking to experts.

1MG app is available for free download on Android, IPhone. You can use it on Windows (for PC or laptop) by installing Bluestacks app player.

Note: If your doctor fee is high and he prescribes costly and branded medicines, you should start using 1MG app. If you use this application, make sure that you consult the doctor before in taking the generic drug.


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