After unveiling a power strip and a weight scale in March 2015, Xiaomi has now decided to launch 3 new appliances – a water quality detector/purifier and a 4K television. The appliances are budget friendly and Xiaomi will be launching them officially in China on 28th of July. Some news sources claim that the kitchen appliances will be introduced in India on the same day.

According to Xiaomi, the unclean water is 100% safe to drink when it passes through the powerful filters of the Mi water purifier. This device has cotton filters that block dust, fibers, worms and many other impurities that may degrade your health. It is based on reverse osmosis technology which has been developed by general electronics in partnership with Dow chemical company. The water passes through the 4 step osmosis filter before it reaches your glass.

The Mi Water purifier is easy to install. It will ship with several adapters with which, you can connect the purifier with all types of taps. This device supports wireless connectivity with a phone. You can use this feature to monitor the functioning of the purifier or to order new adapters/parts online.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier under 15000 Rs

The Xiaomi purifier is priced at 12000 Rs. Some manufacturers in India are selling purifiers with similar features for around 15K.

Priced at just 6 dollars, the Mi TDS pen is a useful device. When you put it in a glass filled with water, the PEN will display the purity level on its tiny display. Mi TDS is IPX6 certified device.

Mi TDS Pen - water testing device

Well, if you’re staying in an area where drinking water is unclean or if your health gets deteriorated by unclean water, these two new Xiaomi products can be of great use to you.

Xiaomi Mi TV 2S 48 inch LED under 40000

The MI TV 2S is fitted with a 48 inches display that boasts a 4K display. It has an MA6298 processor from MStar, the latest sound technology from Dolby and subwoofer system. Measuring just 9.9 millimeters, 2S is one of the thinnest televisions in the world. It is smart because there’s an Android Lollipop OS installed in Mi TV 2s.

This device comes with 8GB EMMC, 2GB RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It has an impressive 48k benchmark score, 3D support, and plenty of cool apps. It will be available in 2 editions i.e Cinema & theater. This budget 4K TV will be sold in major Xiaomi markets within a couple of weeks time from now for within 30000 to 40000 Rs.


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