The latest program to make it to the list of Windows 10 utility programs is Win10Clean. W10C is a free open-source application that allows you to tweak Windows 10 OS. It ships with 9 utilities.

W10C has an ordinary interface that boasts four tabs – Home, Metro, Console, and About. The home tab features 10 buttons. Out of 10, 8 buttons execute a task to stop an unwanted Windows service or disable the feature you don’t want to use. The remaining 2 buttons will close or update the application.

The Metro Apps tab enables you to uninstall the useless built-in Windows applications. The Console tab lets you go through the application’s log file. The last tab has the information of the developer.

Let’s have a look at various features of this new utility program:

Win10Clean features

Win10Clean - free Windows 10 tweaker

Sometimes, the Windows OS reinstalls a built-in application which you’ve already uninstalled. Win10Clean provides an option to disable the task that installs these applications without the user’s consent.

The Windows Context menu may have unnecessary entries or links to edit files, images, etc. If you find this annoying, you can clean the menu by clicking on the Cleanup Context menu option.

GameDVR is a service that runs in the background of Windows 10 and XBOX OS. It lets users record gameplay clips. The service was exclusive to XBOX until Microsoft introduced it to Windows 10 OS in the Windows anniversary update.

When GameDVR is running, it uses RAM and processor cycles. If you’re not a gamer, keeping this service running doesn’t make sense. Win10Clean comes with an option to turn off GameDVR.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s Cloud Storage service. It offers free limited storage space. If you don’t backup your files online or if you’re a Google Drive, Dropbox user, disabling OneDrive will free up RAM. To do so, click on the Uninstall OneDrive option.

If you’re using a third-party antivirus software, turning off Windows Defender will free up several megabytes of RAM. However, disabling the inbuilt antivirus of the Windows OS isn’t an easy task. To disable WD, you must modify its Windows registry entry. Users of W10C program don’t have to edit the registry. The program provides an option to turn off WD.

Many users who have moved to the Windows 10 OS from Win 7 may not like the interface and features of the latest edition of Windows explorer. If you’re using Win10Clean, you can revert to the old explorer with a click of the button.

The free Win10Clean application allows users to uninstall Windows metro apps. The program maintains a log file that contains the list of tasks it has executed.

Win10Clean’s source code and executable files are available for download on GitHub. The program will get into action when you double click on the executable file. Users don’t have to install it.

If you’re a developer, you can refer the code to build your own system tweaker program. You can also make W10C better by adding new modules to it.


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