Version 43 of Mozilla Firefox browser has been officially launched for Windows, Android, Macintosh, and IOS devices. The browser comes with advanced features and important security patches. Thus, you should update it immediately.

The browser now allows users to play M4V video files embedded in web pages without downloading any plugin. If you don’t want your information to be collected online by third-party websites, you can activate the inbuilt do not track module in Firefox 43.

Some websites (namely eCommerce portals) will check your browsing history for recommending products and displaying advertisements that suit your interests. If you’re annoyed by this stuff, switch to the private browsing mode in the latest Firefox browser. This feature will not block advertisement, but it will prevent websites from scanning your history.

firefox 43 downlod

Add-ons must now be signed before they are published on the Firefox Marketplace. The Firefox 43 is more secure than ever because it automatically blocks every unverified extension. This feature ensures that malicious JavaScript codes of plugin downloaded from third-party websites will not be executed by the Firefox.

If users have enabled the show suggestions option in settings panel for the excellent bar, they’ll be able to find relevant search suggestions from Google.

Android version of the browser now allows users to mark items in the reading list read or unread. It has revamped toolbar to suit the beautiful skin of the latest version of the Android OS.

If someone shares a text or paragraph from the web page, Firefox will automatically append the source URL. This feature will be welcomed by website owners because if some intentionally copy content and publishes it on another site, a link to the source will be added as well.

Mozilla Firefox 43 is packed with several features for developers. IT supports the latest standards of CSS. It also includes the latest JavaScript API. Output/Response from web servers will be visible in the developer console. Please visit this official website for Firefox to get details on complete features and enhancements.


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