Windows Defender is a free alternative to Kaspersky and Norton Antivirus software. It has real-time protection module, multiple scan options, and a smart engine which works well with third-party security software. WD tries to keep your computer safe from malware, spyware, and intrusion attacks.

Windows 10 anniversary update packs with a new and improved Windows Defender. Here the two major features Microsoft has added to WD.

Offline scanning

Windows Defender includes a new offline scanning feature that eliminates virus threats on your PC without using the internet connection. Once you turn on this feature, WD will first download latest virus definitions. Then, it asks you to reboot the PC.

The security tool from Microsoft will configure a scheduled task before it restarts the system. The task will execute immediately after the PC starts. It runs for 15 minutes.


Windows Defender lets you enable advanced notifications. The program will notify you about every task it executes when you activate this feature. For example, WD will show notifications whenever it is running a scan operation, removing viruses, etc.

windows defender features

Windows Defender impressed me with its new features. Hence, I decided to use it along with the Kaspersky Internet security software.

Running two antivirus applications on the same PC is not dangerous.

People have a misconception that running more than one security application on the same machine is not a good idea. Well, this is a myth. No program in the world provides 100% protection against security threats. Paid software which offers regular virus definitions and updates will make sure that your system is 90 to 99% safe.

If you use a free security software, enabling Windows Defender will only do good for your security. Windows OS is not as stable as Linux. Many users complained about the start menu problem when Microsoft had launched Windows 10 OS. WD is a good program but it may report errors/warnings. Below are the problems that you may face while using WD.


Windows defender is turned off, disabled or not working (error code 577)

windows defender service error 577 fix

Enter “View Local Services” in the search box on the taskbar. Now, press enter key to open services manager tool. Find Windows Defender in the list and check whether the service is enabled or disabled. If any other application or user has disabled the service, enable it to fix the problem.

Windows Defender is not updating or downloading updates

Fix windows defender update

If you are using a slow internet connection, you will face this problem. WD expects you to use a broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 512 kbps.

Sometimes Windows Defender fails to download updates when I use the internet connection of my mobile on my laptop. This is because mobile 3G/2G speed varies considerably. The program downloads and installs the updates without any hassles when the net connection speed is above 51.2 KB/sec. Maybe, you are using a dial-up connection. Hence, WD is throwing update related errors.

As of now, I have encountered only two issues with WD. I will keep this post updated with more Windows Defender problems and their solutions in the coming days.


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