Microsoft has launched the most important Windows 10 anniversary update which adds a bunch of cool new features to the OS. The new update makes the OS invincible and thousand times better than the previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 anniversary update size is over 3.5 GB. I used the 3G connection of my phone to update the OS on my laptop. Here are the top 5 reasons to download and install the new update.

Using the Bash shell

Microsoft has given a strong reason to the developers for switching from Linux to Windows OS. Win 10 allows you to run UNIX commands and write/execute shell scripts with the Bash shell.

Windows 10 developer mode bash shell

Follow the below steps to enable the bash shell:

Step 1

Type “Use developer features” in the search box and hit enter. A window will now appear on the desktop. Choose the Developer mode option. Windows 10 OS will now enable the developer mode.

Step 2

Type “Program and Features” in the search field and press enter key. Once the program uninstaller tool appears on the screen, click “Turn Advanced Windows features on or off” option. You will now see a small Window with several checkboxes. Select the “Enable Windows subsystem for Linux” from the list.

Step 3

Reboot the PC.

Installing Microsoft Edge extensions

Microsoft Edge is now a complete browser as it supports extensions.

Edge browser extensions

How to use extensions on the Edge browser?

Click on the three dots on the toolbar of the Edge browser. Select the Extensions option.

Click “Get extensions from the store” link. Now, install the plugins of your choice.

As of today, the Windows Store app allows you to install the following extensions:

  • Adblock, Adblock plus, Pin-it button.
  • Translator, LastPass password manager.
  • OneNote and Evernote web clipper.
  • Amazon assistant, get Office, save to pocket.
  • Reddit enhancements, mouse gestures, and page analyzer.

Using the new network settings

Windows 10 mobile hotspot

Windows 10 network settings interface now allows you to:

  • Change adapter options, set up a homegroup for sharing files with nearby devices.
  • Enable WiFi sense, connect to a nearby hotspot.
  • Manage ethernet, dial-up, and VPN connection.
  • Setup Proxy.
  • Check the network data usage.

If you are using Windows 10 OS, you don’t need a third-party program to setup WiFi hotspot.

How to use the inbuilt WiFi hotspot feature?

Navigate to the network settings window. Click on the mobile hotspot option on the left sidebar. Click the toggle button to turn on the WiFi hotspot.

Windows will automatically create a password and assign a name to the hotspot. You can change these two fields.

Better dark theme

Windows 10 dark theme is awesome, but it had some defects. Prior the Windows 10 anniversary update, users had to modify registry values to disable/enable the dark theme.

When the user enabled the dark mode, the title bar of the Windows would turn black. It was difficult to close, minimize, and maximize the Window. The Windows 10 anniversary update will fix this issue.

Using the Windows ink Workspace

The anniversary update brings pen support to the Windows 10 OS. It is a useful feature for touchscreen/hybrid laptops and tablets. It gives you an access to the below apps:

Windows keeps this feature disabled by default. Follow the below steps to view the Ink Workspace interface:

  • Right-click on the taskbar
  • Select “Show Windows Ink WorkSpace” button.
  • Click on the pen icon on the taskbar.

If the downloading update progress bar is stuck, use the WUMT tool to download the anniversary update.


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