This post for Java beginners who are facing difficult times in grasping the core and advanced concept of the language. Through this article, I’ve shared the best and proven ways to learn Java.

If you’re a student who wants to be a master of the most widely used programming language, just follow the methods I’ve shared in this article.

Use StackOverflow daily

stackoverflow java

StackOverflow is an online community which is used by millions of computer science students, experienced engineers, and scientists. If you’ve any doubts or if you want help in assignments, projects then you should post a question on the forum. The community covers several languages and it is free to use.

When you post your questions, the online community members will respond to your query with a right solution. No matter what difficulty you’re facing, there will be always someone to help you out.

StackOverflow is a big site with millions of forum threads. You should search your question before creating a new thread.

Referring online tutorials:

Youtube features a large collection of online videos, hence it is a good source to learn Java. Oracle’s website hosts a large collection of tutorials, FAQs, and documentation. Along with StackOverflow, make sure that you have created an Oracle account. Alternatively, you can also refer tutorials on websites like Udemy, Udacity, etc.

Google’s Youtube has a good collection of java tutorial videos. Click this link to have a look at the library.

Solve practice problems

This is one of the best ways to learn java. If you’ve purchased a Java reference book, then don’t ignore the problems that appear at the end of each chapter. Download and install the SDK and NetBeans or Eclipse IDE on your PC. Open the IDE, create a new project and try to solve the practice questions. Don’t be afraid of the errors and the exceptions that are thrown by the compiler.

If you’re a newbie, you should not use the IDE, use JDK command line tools to create, compile and run your applications.

Avoid Coaching classes

Practicing hard is the best way to learn a programming language. Instead of wasting your money on tuition class, prepare for java certification exam.

Passing online tests like SCJP can give a boost to your IT career. It has been proven that Oracle certified people have better chances of getting a job in an IT company.

Note: To apply for SCJP exam, you’ll have to pay around $100 as a registration fee.


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