Netflix, the largest on-demand Internet streaming service in the US has been launched worldwide. It is now available here in India too. Anyone using a fast internet connection can sign up for Netflix. The 1st month is free for all users. While creating a free account, you’ll be requested to enter the credit or debit card details.

When a payment is made, the user will be charged a small forex transaction fee. When the trial version expires, this video streaming service will cost you between 500 to 800 Rupees depending on the package you’ve chosen. As of Now, Netflix India allows you to subscribe any of its three plans.

The basic plan will cost you Rupees 500 per month. In this plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited streaming of SD content. For streaming HD or UHD resolution shows or movies, the user will have to upgrade to standard or premium accounts that cost 650 and 800 Rs respectively.

The basic plan supports one screen at a time. If you want to watch TV shows or movies on more than one display, you’ll have to upgrade to Premium or Standard plan of Netflix.

netflix india plans watch unlimited movies and shows online

This online service allows you to watch latest movies and TV shows on laptops, phones, televisions, and tablets. It supports unlimited streaming. The best part of the deal is that you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Netflix is now available in every part of the world, but people in China and North Korea will not be able to enjoy it unless they use a VPN.

Netflix has been launched in India, but will your internet connection support it?

SD format videos have 640 x 480 pixels resolution. You will have to be an owner of a 1.2 or 2 MBPS broadband plan to watch Netflix content. Netflix will work on a 1MBPS line, but the streaming will not be seamless.

Streaming at 720 pixels resolution is possible with 2 Mbps connection. Higher bandwidth will be required for watching movies or shows at 4K resolution.

Netflix has published an online documentation in which it claims that 1GB data will be transferred you’re using the SD basic plan. HD and UHD subscriptions will transfer 3 and 7GB data respectively.


As of today, no mobile operator is offering unlimited 3G or 4G plans in India. Thus, it will be difficult for enjoying Netflix on smartphones unless you’re a wealthy person.

Netflix is now a great alternative to Hotstar, Hooq, and other similar services in India. You can access it on the browser as well as on a mobile device by installing the official app for Android or IOS.


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