Internet shopping is an amazing experience because you get your favorite product at a better rate as compared to shopping malls. You don’t have to travel to the shop as the shopping website lists everything you want to buy. For example, Amazon has over 2 crore products to choose from. The online payment process is secure and fast. As soon as you make an online purchase, the remote computer will send an order confirmation email to your inbox. Bill will be sent when the product is delivered. In malls, you will have to wait in a queue to complete the order and payment.

In shops, you can check the demo of the product you want to buy. On eCommerce sites, reviews play an important role because many buyers spend their time in reading user reviews before they buy. Sometimes, you might get a faulty item and you may ask for the refund.

Some shops will pay full refund amount as soon as you return the product. The refund process is different for shopping portals.

Snapdeal refund

Refund is the most frustrating experience for an online shopper as it can take up to 7 days to credit your money back to the account. First, the faulty product will be collected by the delivery guy. The logistics company will ship the collected item back to the warehouse.

The payment process is initiated only after the product is received by the eCommerce firm. Although companies ensure the best experience to the users, sometimes customers are not happy as their money is not transferred on time.

To make return payments faster, Snapdeal has started using the IMPS technology. According to Snapdeal, IMPS is an automated process that will reduce the payment transfer time to below 60 minutes. It will be live forever (i.e holidays won’t impact the money transfer process). Customers who have opted for COD are also eligible to use IMPS service.

This is a first time in India where an eCommerce company has started using this technology. This new service is accessible on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Some time back, Snapdeal had introduced the fastest reverse pick up service in which the delivery boy will receive the product within 1.5 hours the customer initiates refund process.

Snapdeal has given 2 good reasons why you should you use it for shopping. Are happy with the new return policy of Snapdeal? Share your thoughts


  1. Rahul P

    Its been one year since i returned a product, now they are asking for delivery receipt after an year. Ridiculous

  2. Now this is something that would make customer to rely more on snapdeal. Good work team snapdeal.

  3. Ravinder dande

    I used Snapdeal a lot. and i can say snapdeal is better than amazon or any other .

    I returned one product 6 month ago and got refund


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