Smartphones launched these days are not cheap. Because of their smart features, people use mobiles to save personal pictures, videos, bank details, passwords, etc. Even if you haven’t saved the login credentials, the browser may have stored it in the form of cookies or sessions.

When your handset is lost, you can easily change the website passwords to make sure that your online data is safe, but what about the photos and videos? If your phone has been stolen, the robber may have deleted your data by formatting the storage memory. If the intentions are wicked, he may also upload your data to some dangerous websites. The robber may have replaced your SIM card with his. If the device was costly, the only way to recover it is by contacting the police.

Note: If your iPhone has lost, make sure that you wipe or disable the device remotely before contacting the police.

A lost phone can be recovered only by the police. If you watch crime awareness shows on television, you may have seen how the police trace the location of a suspect criminal. They contact telecom companies to track IMEI (International mobile equipment identity).

IMEI is nothing but a unique number assigned to every mobile device in the world. They’re printed on the device as well as on the package in which it was shipped. They’re longer than a phone number. A phone will automatically register the IMEI with the network when an SIM card is inserted in it. When a device has been filed, the police can easily find it by contacting the telecom service providers.

finding a lost phone without tracking app

Why websites to track numbers are not useful?

Phone number tracking websites are useless because they make you aware of the telecom operator name, state and signal type. A state may have many cities. For example, Gujarat has Ahmadabad, Surat, Vadodara and many more cities. Finding the correct location is not possible from the website.

Telecom companies will never reveal the exact location of its customer’s device to third party companies. They share it only with the law enforcement. So don’t waste your time on websites to track numbers. If you’ve lost your phone, register a complaint at the nearest police department.

Useful Tip:

When you’re travelling, you should enable an app like lookout mobile or 360 security so that your phone’s location is traced every moment. iPhone users should activate the phone finder function from the settings.

These apps will work only if an internet connection is enabled. When they’re active, the tracker will save the phone’s location to a remote server. You will be able to access this data by opening the app’s official website in the browser of your computer.

Conclusion: Technology is amazing. If you take some precautions, you will never lose your precious phone. Incase you’ve lost it, the police will find them for you.


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