The meme is nothing but an image with a funny text message. It is used for expressing birthday wishes, self-promotion, attracting audience attention and marketing purposes. A funny Meme can take just a few minutes to go viral on a popular website like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram.

Yesterday, one of my friends had shared a hilarious meme on his Facebook page. Before sharing the image, his page had just 400 followers. After a couple of hours, I was shocked to see that the number of likes on his page grew over 2100. 150 followers shared his image out of the 400.

As people enjoyed the picture, they started liking the Facebook fan page. The above example proves that Memes are attractive, and they can become very popular in a short span of time.

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If you use Memes in a right way, your popularity of social networks will increase. It is easy to create a meme with software like Microsoft Paint, CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop provided you have good graphics editing skills.

You can also use the best free meme generator online tools and apps for the same purpose. There are a huge number of apps and websites to create memes. You don’t have to use them all. Just go through the below list of free tools and applications and open/install any one of them on your PC or handset.

Best MEME Generators

free meme generator

IMGFlip: IMGFlip is an HTML5 technology based site that offers 1000s of free meme templates. To name a few, there are Y U NO, Grumpy cat, bad luck Brian and success kid templates.

IMGFlip has two text fields where you must enter the text message that you want to convey through the MEME. This website allows you to change text font, color, and size. Users are authorized to upload their meme images in IMGflip. IMGFlip also includes a drawing tool.

Visit site

IMGFlip meme generator

Meme Generator: MG is yet another popular website for creating free memes. It is easy to use as IMGFlip. Once you’ve opened this site in your browser, hover your mouse cursor over a picture and click on Customize link. Memes generated with this tool can be uploaded directly to Imgur. Unlike IMGFlip, this tool doesn’t support text customization.

visit this site

meme generator dot ne

MemeGen: Believe it or not guys, the popular image sharing website Imgur has launched its meme generator named Memegen. When you open this tool, you’ll see a lot of pictures with funny messages.

Select an image that you want to share or edit and click on the text written over it. Replace the old meme text with some new words and click on the make button.

visit this site

Imgur memegen

MemeCenter: MC is a flash based tool to create all types of memes. When you open this site, you’ll see a dialog box with plenty of templates and a toolbox with the line, brush, eraser, resize, clone stamp, add text/bubble, layering tools. MC is by far the most advanced meme generator on this list.

Open the site


The above websites are safe, and their interface is user-friendly. Try them and do let me know if I haven’t added your site to this article. If you’re searching for a meme generator app, install one of the following applications for Android.

Best MEME Generator Apps

Meme generator by Zombodroid: Installed by over 5 million Android users, MG is a perfect app for making good memes. When you run it, you’ll see a list of all favorite and funniest internet memes on a list.

To begin customization, tap on a picture. This app has tools to crop/add a border to the image, change font color/text or merge Memes. When the task of editing is over, tap on the “make it button” or share the meme on social networks using this app’s inbuilt sharing tool. Generated images are watermark free.

This app doesn’t require any particular configuration. You can install it on any Android phone/tablet that has 40MB free storage space.

download the app

zombodroid meme app

GATM: GATM is a free 12 megabytes app that allows users to switch between grid and list layouts. It includes a MEME filter and sort utility.

It features a text editor tool with which, you can change the top and bottom text on a picture. If you want to download and use a simple MEME app, open Google play store and search for GATM.


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