Free Dynamic DNS services maintain a database table of addresses. These tables are used for routing network traffic to the domain name the user had configured after registering for the service.

The service provider gives users access to the dashboard for configuration tasks. They’ll also make users install a program on their PC or laptops. When installed, this software notes down every new IP Address that has been assigned to a computer by the ISP.

When it finds a unique address, the program will automatically update the database table with a record. DDNS are useful for people who want to set up FTP, web or mail or game servers at their place. They can be even configured to access a computer remotely from any part of the world. Top 5 of the best free dynamic DNS services for 2016 are as follows:

No-Ip: With support for 3 different hostnames, no-IP provides you a unique URL for remote access to computers. It supports the Port 80 as well as URL redirects. You can use No-IP to host a website on your own Windows or Linux PC. In case you’re new to DNS stuff, there are useful guides and videos to assist you in the setup process.

DNSExit: This is one of the best free DDNS for 2016. Once you register your account with the site, configure your domain details, choose a DSNExit name server and install an application that will take care of updating tasks.

FreeDNS: This site offers an array of free services. It supports up to 4 unique hostnames with 20 different sub-domains. FreeDNS can be configured to redirect URLS. In this site, users are given the freedom to modify network parameters like TTL, AXFR, etc.

ChangeIP: One advantage of using this DDNS service is because of the wide range of memorable domain names it provides to users. ChangeIP allows modification of meta tags. It supports search engine friendly URL and port redirects.

DnsDynamic: Along with free DDNS, this site provides a free and a high-quality VPN connection to its users. With this service, you can set up firewall rules for your host as well.


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