Cartoons are cute, and many people and kids use them as a profile picture on Twitter, Facebook or any other website. If users don’t want to share their real photo with the online world, they use cartoon images as DP.

Although there are plenty of characters in shows like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo, some people would like to use their cartooned image. To create an anime character or to cartoonify yourself, you don’t have to spend money on an animation or a graphics software, nor you’ve to download any app.

There are a lot of free online tools and offline software that allows you to create cartoon images in a matter of just a few seconds or minutes. You can find the best tools among them here in this article.

Best sites to create your anime online for free

1Photo.To is a free cartoon face maker that converts the photo you upload from your hard disk, URL, or your Facebook account. has a utility to morph, auto crop and add cartoon effect to your photo. It has a picture enhancer tool that will improve the quality of an uploaded photo. has over 500 beautiful frames many unique special effects. It has a face retouch feature that automatically removes dark spots, wrinkles, sweat from your selfie. The effects are categorized. Thus, the website is easy to use. [



What I like about this tool is its drag and drag based interface that makes it possible to add all sorts of customization to any part of the character’s body.

With this utility, you can make your anime hold toys, tablets, smartphone, guitar and pet animals as well. You can also add a speech bubble vector, cool tattoos to your character.

Visit CustomeAnime

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This free online tool can be used to customize a male or a female anime character. It allows you to change clothes, hairstyles, skin color of the cartoon.

Kongregate can be used to add a face wear, headwear, and other cool accessories to your anime to make it look more convincing than other characters. Users can arm the character with the broad range of weapons.

Visit Kongregate

4Dress up games

This tool has a flash based interface that allows you to work on a girl anime. Along with all features from Kongregate, here you’ll find some unique customization in which you can add emotions and wings to anime. You can even change its background.

Open Dressup site

5Rinmaru Avatar creator

It offers similar features and customization as the above two tools. To work offline, you can download a flash file to your computer. You’ll have to use the print screen functionality of your Windows PC to save your creation.

Open Rinmaru

6Synfig Studio

This free software for MAC and Windows computer. It has powerful utilities to create cool 2D animations, bitmaps, and vectors. Synfig studio has been built with HDRI technology, hence the vectors, frames and image layers generated with it are of high quality.

Download Synfig studio



One of the best free alternatives to Maya 3D, the blender software, can be used to visually stunning art. It comes with effects that make photos look realistic. You can use the blender to edit video files as well. It can be installed on PC or laptops with any modern Linux distros, MAC, and Windows OS.

Download Blender

Conclusion: The 1st three tools are excellent as you can customize any feature of the anime character. The above two software are recommended to people who are searching for free and open source animation maker. If you know any other famous character maker, please share it with other readers.



  1. Pankaj

    Sometimes you look much better in anime look than you normal look. I’m certainly going to try these tools to create few anime looks for myself.


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