The latest entry-level handsets from LAVA and Micromax are Bolt S300 and IRIS 444. The price difference between these 2 phones is just 100 Rupees. S300 costs around 3300 and IRIS 444 is priced at Rs 3200. Lava’s device has weaker specs. More importantly, it lacks 3G connectivity support. The Bolt series budget phone from Micromax provides better features and it is 3G enabled.

LAVA IRIS 444 is a 256MB RAM powered handset with Kit Kat 4.4.2 Android operating system. Its storage memory is just 512MB. Thus, you’ll have to spend 200 to 250 Rupees in buying an 8GB microSD card in case you want to increase the storage capacity.

This phone has Mali graphics processing unit and it comes with ARM Cortex A7 single core low-frequency CPU. Iris 444 is a GSM phone with 1400 mAh battery. Users will get an 800+ minute of talk-time with this device. This 11.0 mm thin handset includes a WVGA 4.0 inch IPS screen, 2.0 MP rear camera, LED flash and VGA front camera. The display supports just 262K color combinations.


Apart from this phone, LAVA has also introduced a budget Kit Kat powered tablet in the form of NKS 101.The tablet is loaded with 7600 mAh battery, 1GB RAM, 2.0 MP camera at the back and front side. It is enabled with OTG and a huge 10.1 inch HD LCD. LAVA NKS 101 is available with 8/16GB ROM. It has 1GB RAM, USB port, WiFi and other basic features.

Micromax Bolt S300 uses a Spreadtrum 1 core microprocessor (with the SC7715 model number) along with 512MB RAM to support the multi-tasking operations of Android Kit Kat OS.

This phone is loaded with 0.3 megapixel rear and front camera. There’s LED flash to improve the quality of VGA resolution videos. The display and GPS modules installed in Bolt S300 are same as that of LAVA 444. This phone features 1200 mAh capacity battery. The talk-time with the Bolt S300 is around 300 hours.

Micromax Bolt S300

If  you are not satisfied with the features of the above Micromax or LAVA handset, you can put your money into BQ S38 or Lenovo 369i. Both these phones have a 2 core CPU and a higher capacity battery than Bolt S300, IRIS 444.


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