Magisto video editor is a popular app on the Play Store. It’s a community of video lovers and a useful tool to create short movies from images and clips saved on your phone. This application claims to serve 70 million Android users, and it takes 78 MB space on your mobile device (APK size is around 33 MB).

Magisto creates your profile (guest or social) with which, you can follow other users and share your work with your followers.

Magisto supports Google Drive. If your pics or clips are saved online on Gdrive, you can easily use them in your movie by connecting the app to the cloud storage service.

This app scans your phone’s storage memory and MicroSD card to find images and video clips. It will display thumbnails of the same. The pictures are shown in a list sorted by date. The user has to select the files he wants to make videos from, after which he’ll have to tap on the next button. If you have a lot of records (say 500+), be ready to get a headache. Because of the large thumbnails, it is an annoying experience to scroll down in search of an image or clip.

When the files have been selected, Magisto will allow you to choose one of the 32 inbuilt editing styles after which it lets you select a soundtrack. If you don’t like the recommended tracks, there’s an option to use the track saved on your phone.

Once the sound file has been selected, the user will be allowed to set a title for this video. He can also review the filters or background music.

You have to select at least five pictures of a short 15 seconds video to use Magisto’s powerful features. I was not able to cancel the uploading task, and I was not happy with this. Later, I discovered that logging out of the app will cancel the upload process.

When the files were being transferred to a remote server, the app crashed a couple of times. I use a high-speed broadband connection that has a latency of 13 to 15 ms. My phone has a quad-core Snapdragon processor and 1 GB RAM. Thus, the app is to be blamed for crashing.

Magisto uploads your files to a remote machine where the files are compiled into a high-quality video. The video length will be or 1.5 minutes or lower. If you to want to create videos of longer duration, you’ll have to upgrade the guest Magisto account to premium.

Users can share their work with Magisto community, or they can keep the video private.

Magisto includes a surprise me feature that will automatically create movies from files stored in your phone’s gallery. This feature is enabled by default, but you can turn it on or off from the settings.

This app supports hardware acceleration mode. It allows users to explore videos shared by other community members.

If you want to like or comment on the shared public stuff, Magisto will prompt you to create an account.

Final Verdict:

Magisto is a good app, but some people may not like it as the videos/images are uploaded to a server. Most phones launched these days are equipped with a powerful processor, and they ship with more than 512 MB RAM. This configuration is good enough to create or edit videos.

Magisto wastes time because it uploads the files online for processing and editing them. The app will be awesome if it supports offline editing. One more drawback of Magisto app is that it will not work without an internet connection. If you’re using a slow dial-up or GPRS connection, this video editor will not work be a perfect option for you.

Download Magisto

Magisto doesn’t have the option of deleting the account. You will have to contact their support team to get your content removed from the servers.


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