1000s of dance tracks are uploaded daily to the Beatport website. If you’re a hobbyist dancer, a fan of this site or if you love electronic music, you’ll be happy to know that Beatport has finally released its most awaited app for iPhone and Android devices. Thus, you can now enjoy all your favorite tracks in a better and faster way.

Beatport comes without any limitations. You can play as many dance music tracks you want. The app is ad-free and it allows you to buy a song online using the Beatport Pro service.

Using Beatport on Android

Download this music app from the play store and install it on an Android 4.0 OS running handset or tablet. After running it, Beatport will display a picture slideshow to make you aware of its core features. Once you go through all the sides, you’ll be prompted to register or login to your Beatport account. If you are a member of the Beatport site, just enter your correct login credentials to access the core features of this app.

During registration, this app will ask you to enter a password with at least 8 characters, username and your email address. Once you’ve entered these 3 details, tap on the submit button, your Beatport account will be created.

You don’t have to verify your email address. Thus, you can start using this app straight away. This software has a green color user interface that includes a navigation system and a search utility.

BP EDM app displays the most popular and random dance titles on its main window. It also includes several playlists. To start listening music, tap on any track of your choice. If you don’t find an interesting title of the main window, use Beatport’s explorer utility to find music by genre.

Unlike Wynk app that plays songs on the fly, BP will first download the track to your phone and then it will make its music player play the downloaded file.

A random sound file will be loaded automatically after the current track has completed its playback. To get information on current track and the team who composed it, simply tap on the official Beatport icon that floats just above the app’s inbuilt music player.

Beatport allows you to follow artists and share, favorite their tracks. You can also get details on the upcoming shows of any artist with this software. Beatport also allows users to add a display picture, short bio and current location to their profiles. To find new users, tracks and artists, use the inbuilt search tool of this app.

Download Beatport on Android or IOS (Ipad, IPhone).

Final Thoughts:
I ran version 1.01 of Beatport on my Redmi phone. The dance tracks are good. The app worked flawlessly without throwing any errors. Developers should implement an email verification system in Beatport as it is the best way to uniquely identify a user.


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