Lock booster for Android is a free app that makes your phone’s lock screen more useful. It has better features and customization options than Microsoft Picturesque. It frees up RAM wasted by inactive applications immediately when a user unlocks the device by entering the correct pin code or pattern lock. You don’t have to install booster apps if your phone is loaded with lock booster.

Installation: This Android app has confusing settings, but its installation is an easy task. Once you install and run this app, it will prompt you to activate auto startup, pop-up windows, set trust list, read + modify notifications and many other permissions.

You won’t be able to access the lock booster screen unless you activate all the above permissions. This application will consume 5MB of storage memory on your phone.

Lockscreen: The lock screen generated by this app is beautiful and it has a good layout. It boasts weather widget and hidden window that features shortcuts to your phone’s flash system, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, etc. If you want, you can add new shortcuts by navigating to advanced settings of this software.

The tools displayed on the lock screen can be activated or deactivated without unlocking the phone. The lock screen displays a RAM booster utility too.

To free RAM, tap on it. Background of this screen can be changed by navigating to settings of this app. Below the weather widget, you will find information on missed calls or new SMS messages.

lock booster review

Settings: Just like many other Android apps, Lock booster allows you to configure and modify its behavior. Here are the important utilities that you’ll find in settings.

App notification: To see alerts from all of your favorite apps on your lock screen, enable this feature. This is one of the most important features of lock booster and it works very well.

Wallpapers: With this utility, users can download cool wallpapers for their handset’s lock screen. You can also change wallpaper effects or make this app change the background image of the lock screen every day.

Pattern lock: This app comes with its own security system. Users can set a pin code and pattern lock or change its settings.

Weather information: Lock booster supports GPS technology. It can detect your location and display the live temperature, wind speed on the lock screen of your phone. You are allowed to set location manually.

Download this app for free.

Lock booster is a good app but I was facing the below issues while using it on my Redmi phone with MIUI (customized Android operating system).

1) Even after enabling floating windows permission, lock booster throws please turn on popup windows permission error whenever I pressed the power button to access the lock screen. Interestingly, this error was reported in a popup window. The developer of this app should fix this issue immediately as it is frustrating.

2) When the phone is powered on, the settings window shows up. This wastes battery power as settings module is loaded in system memory.

3) Notifications overlap each other and they are difficult to understand.


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