Domestic firm Intex has introduced a new fitness band for the people who cannot afford expensive gadgets to monitor their health. The new band, i.e. FitRist Pulzz is an impressive device which costs below Rs 2000.

The new Intex fitness device provides resistance to water splashes. It is touch enabled. Intex has built it with Silicone material.


Pulzz packs an OLED 0.66 inches display that offers 64 x 49 pixels resolution. Cheap fitness gadgets employ OLED screen because it is durable. OLED features several layers of strong plastic. The screen of the Pulzz will last long.


The Intex Pulzz band includes an 80 mAh capacity battery. It provides 150+ hours of backup power. The fitness band requires 7 volts input power supply for charging the battery. Charging up to 100% will take up to hours, claims Intex.


FitRist Pulzz functions as a sleep, activity tracker, and step counter. It maintains a count of steps you have walked. It includes a 3-axis Gyro sensor.

Other features

The FitWrist Pulzz band has smart features. It has a module that alerts you about new FB messenger app and WhatsApp notifications. The band has an inbuilt 256K storage memory and 32 Kilobytes RAM. It has a Bluetooth module and functions to control the below features of a mobile phone:

  • Camera.
  • Music playback.

The band offers a special alarm module which reminds you of drinking water. Enabling this feature ensures that a person will remain hydrated during a workout, training session, etc.

Pulzz supports IOS and Android operating systems.

Dimensions and weight

Intex FitRist Pulzz is a lightweight wearable device. It is sleek as well.

Heart rate monitoring

Intex has added a heart rate sensor in its Pulzz fitness band. The sensor makes the person who wears this band aware of their pulse and heart rate.

The FitRist Pulzz will be a good companion for the people suffering from high or low blood pressure.

Intex is selling FitWrist Pulzz on Flipkart for Rs 1799 with 20% discount.

Should you wait for the latest Mi Bands?

Xiaomi considers China as its major market for all products. 90% of the products Xiaomi has introduced in India are smartphones. Although Xiaomi fitness gadgets are in high demand in India, the firm has disappointed Indian fans by not selling its new products in China and India at the same time.

If you were looking forward to buying the latest Mi Band in India, you should keep waiting or look for something else. The Intex FitRist Pulzz seems to be a sophisticated gadget. If you admire its features, grab the band before it gets out of stock.


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