Guys, if you’re a BSNL customer and if you’re facing problems to get the PUK code for BSNL, then this post is for you. The reason why you’re facing this issue is that you’ve lost your personal identification number. To reset the forgotten PIN, you’ll need to reset the PUK. Personal unblock code helps you to reset the PIN code.

These codes are 4 to 8 characters in length and are forgettable (if you don’t use them often). Thus, it’s always a good idea to not use them. If you don’t remember the phone’s/tablets PIN or PUK, then your mobile is bound to be locked as you’ll keep on entering invalid numbers.

If your subscriber identity module card has been locked, then follow any of the below tutorials to get the code –

Tutorial 1:

Call the BSNL customer care. When you call them, the executive will ask you to mention the SIM number. Well, if you don’t know your BSNL SIM number, first note it down from the back of your SIM card and then call the customer care. Verification is necessary because you’ll have to prove that you’re the owner of the card. If your phone has been lost and you don’t know the SIM number, then you’ll not get the code because the customer care will not be able to verify your ownership.

The support guys are helpful. They should solve your problem. If you don’t get PUK for BSNL through this method, please follow the next tutorial.

get PUK code for BSNL to unlock SIM card

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Tutorial 2:

Send a message in the below format to the number 53733. Don’t worry; BSNL won’t┬ábe┬ácharging you any fees for this message. Here’s the text that should be there in your SMS (message format):


When you get the PUK code on your BSNL mobile phone, just enter it to unlock the SIM card.

Done! I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful. Please share this article with your friends. More information on the same is available on BSNL’s website.



  1. mohd zabair

    My BSNL no is locked. I have PUK code and try to reset pin but couldn’t succeed. I am from Jammu and Kashmir presently residing in hyderabad.

  2. Bapi jena

    9583692961 my sim is lock give me puk and unlok the sim

  3. Benedic tigga

    Please puk code number.My phone no-9531849597

  4. krishnadew chaudhary

    puk coad lagaya hai sim nuber8991755056291052687

  5. nishank

    please give me my bsnl puck no 8991584030331926599

  6. santhosh kv

    please give my puk code 9605998784

    • santhosh k v

      please give my puk code 9605998784

  7. nishant singh

    my no. is 9693424946 i need puk plz send

  8. Blinder kumar

    Please give me puk code number 9466745042

  9. sarajan

    Hi sir
    My favourite bsnl number 9487977303 plz give a puk code sir plz

  10. Abhitej

    my number is 9453763040 send me puk code plz

  11. sarath

    My no 9443970021 puk lock pls help

  12. atu kumar gahoi

    mobile no 9450040343 aaj go gaya looking kar niy ki kirpa kare plz 372 civil lines jhansi cot no 9415055291

  13. anil kumar

    Sim No 8991346034138523248 pleasepuk code send 7073644857

  14. my bsnl sin card puk code send plz this no 9667480199 sim no. 8991596055141268901 and recive code plz this no 9772833495 msg & call ok

  15. sim no 8991734055820113925
    sim m no 9492185025 plz puk

  16. hi
    my bsnl sim card has puk blocked so plz unblocked my phone number is 9441255328

  17. kulwinder kaur

    my no. is 7589386801 please send my puk no.

  18. divya

    My BSNL sim card locked 8991805034452956385 plz unlock it

  19. Goonga

    Guys, Pramod is not a BSNL employee to unlock your sim. He is a tech expert helping you to find ways to help yourself. Silly of you all to share your numbers and asking him to unlock. Thoda dimag naamak app ka istamaal karo yaaron.

  20. patil vinit

    in my mobile no sim is coming but is locked permanantly

  21. Jeevanchand

    hello sir pls provide me PUK for my sim. my No. blocked . costumer care executive give me 0000 but this No. is not working . pls help me. my BSNL No,9450530132

  22. Murugendra

    Ihave send PUK no.8991710124917530774 kindly unlock

  23. THOMAS T

    bsnl mobile puk code of mobile
    8991724102411778989 sim no


    BSNL PUK Code 44412878
    my name is karunakaran.R – 9845632331

  25. Name:Hem kumal


  26. Ravindranath

    My pre paid Bsnl Sim no. 89917130564913642366 pl help to get me puk no. To unlock my phone.

  27. jugal

    Dear sir please send PUK no my mail Id sim no 8991758029231177766 and mobile no 9471024670

  28. rambabu sharma

    Hi sir iam natraj naik iam a
    business man my sim is puk blocked plz help me

  29. rambabu sharma

    Plz my sim puck code in sim is 9412014830 unlock


    sir plz sens me puk code my sim no is this 8991340067129351300

  31. Anshu

    sim number 8991752096281143097 puk code

  32. S.M. Shintri

    Sir I am getting PUK lock and my sim card use in android cell phone and that is micro sim card and sim no is lost please what solution.My cell No: 9448646041

  33. Gurmeetsingh

    Plz my sim puck code in sim is9469361449unlock help

  34. shadab ansarihq

    My sim no. 9415918609plzzzz send me puck noe

  35. Balraj Singh

    I send sim number to 53733 but not get puk code .how much time avail bsnl care.

    • Pramod Choudhary

      Please don’t share your mobile number. Follow the steps we’ve shared in the article.



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