Frankly speaking, running multiple apps and folders on Windows 7 or 8.1 OS can be frustrating. To switch between applications, users must use the task manager tool or they must switch between apps or folders by clicking on their icons that appearing in the Windows taskbar. You can also press alt and tab keys on your keyboard. But this method is not useful if you run multiple instances of the same program. For example, if I run six notepad files at a time, none of these three methods are useful as you won’t know what text is in which file.

With a Virtual desktop software, you can easily run and manage multiple applications at a time. This application functions just like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

They create multiple virtual desktop environments for the user. Hence, if a VDM creates four environments, you can use the 1st environment for browsing the internet, 2nd for running Microsoft Office or Photoshop, 3rd for browsing folder and 4th for editing a Word file. Hence, your default desktop environment has been split into multiple desktops, thereby reducing the clutter of apps. Here are the best VDMs for your Windows PC/Laptop:

Best Virtual Desktop Software for Windows operating system


This is an impressive virtual desktop manager for Windows 7 and 8.1. It is available in free as well as pro versions. Users can install the free version of Dexpot for their personal use. Some of the most useful features of Dexpot are as follows:

FFull-Screen preview: This utility tiles all active virtual desktops on your screen.

Configure desktops: With Dexpot, you can easily change the resolution of your desktop. You’re also allowed to add a password, entry/exit sound, background image/color to each desktop.

Settings: With this utility, users can:

  • Change the number of desktops.
  • Change the language of this software’s font.
  • Increase or decrease the Dexpot process priority.
  • Enable or disable the Dexpot plugins, etc.

dexpot - Free virtual desktop managers for windows 7, 8.1

There are plenty of customizations options available in Dexpot. Try it out to know more. Download

Download Dexpot here.


This is a free to use software that consumes very little space on your hard disk or solid state drive. Once you install VirtuaWind, you can run it by clicking on its system tray icon or through the Windows start menu. Here are its important features:

Setup: Just like Dexpot, VirtuaWind comes with a lot of options in its configuration/setup window. In this utility, you can change the width, height of your desktop. You can also configure hotkey and mouse-events for it.

Windows Rule: With this utility, you can modify the behavior of any GUI process. For example, you can make a window appears on the top of other apps through this tool.


Download VirtuaWind here.

These were the best two virtual desktop managers for Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs. I personally feel that Dexpot is better software among the two. Although it is not free for commercial use, Dexpot has many interesting features. It also supports up to eleven virtual desktops. Please do let me know if I’ve missed out adding your favorite Windows VDM to the above list.


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