Android offers more customization options than its rival operating systems, i.e., Apple IOS and Windows Phone. This OS allows you to add widgets to your home screen. Some widgets support extensive customization, i.e.; you can change their dimensions, background colors, fonts, etc. Personalization in Android is possible because of launchers. If there’s no launcher, you won’t be able to add other components on the home screen.

Although I don’t have an IOS OS device, this thread has an answer to the question does iPhone supports moving wallpapers? Apple might add this feature in its next IOS update. Now, I can confidently say that Android is the only mobile operating system that allows you to set live wallpapers.

Animations in the background are attractive, but they waste battery power faster than a regular wallpaper. As the display is turned off automatically after few seconds of inactivity, you don’t have to worry about this. If your handset’s display sleep time is above 15 seconds, you will have to change it for better battery life (whether you’re using moving wallpaper or not). Here are the top free moving wallpapers for your Android device.

Top 16 Best Android Live wallpapers for mobile phones

Koi free

Koi freeThis wallpaper beautifies your phone’s home screen by adding an animated pond that flaunts colorful fishes, stones, flowers, petals, etc. Like all other best moving wallpapers for Android, Koi free makes use of Open GL graphics technology to bring life to a picture.

Download Koi Free


waterfallsThis mobile app adds beautiful high definition waterfall animations to your Android device. WLW has been optimized in such a way that it consumes low battery power. Before changing the background, this app allows you to preview the animation. Waterfalls LW works well on many devices. On some tablets or phones, the pixels in the wallpaper might appear divided.

Download Waterfalls wallpaper


SunriseInstall this live wallpaper if you love watching skies, flying birds, trees, outfields, and rainbows. Every object in this wallpaper has a special effect. Sunrise LW will make you happy every time you navigate to the home screen of your device. It is an ad-free application.

Download Sunrise LW


Autumn tree freeThis LW simulates an autumn season in the background of your Android tablet or mobile. It displays leaves dancing in the wind. Users are allowed to change the background image as well as the color of leaves.

Download Autumn LW for Android


Thunderstorm - best live wallpapers for AndroidThis live moving wallpaper is for monsoon season lovers. When you activate thunderstorm LW, your home screen’s background will be decorated with torrential rains, lightning, and dark clouds.

Download Thunderstorm live wallpaper for Android.


SnowSnowflakes falling on trees during the night and day is a great scene to watch. This natural phenomenon has been correctly simulated in snow live wallpaper.

Download Snow LW


Asteroids - top free moving wallpapers for AndroidThis is an amazing free moving wallpaper that displays a very smooth animation of galactic objects passing by giant planets. If you love space, install Asteroids on your Android device.


Dubai is the city of skyscrapers. This LV displays traditional buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other structures of this amazing city (including Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands). Dubai live wallpaper features lighting effects that will keep changing automatically after a specified time interval.

Download Dubai Wallpaper


TigerYou don’t have to watch discovery or animal planet channel, nor you’ve to visit the zoo to watch the tiger live in action. Install Tiger live wallpaper and watch this endangered animal relaxing in water as well as on rocks.

Download Tiger LW

Nature Sunshine

Nature sunshineThis LW will relax your mind as it displays a wooden boat parked near the shores of a beach. It simulates various sunlight effects.

Live Scenery

Asus LiveSceneryThis application has been designed and developed by Asus. It packs five unique moving wallpapers. The LW will be changed automatically after some hours i.e., during the day, night, dawn time, you’ll see a new animated picture on your home screen. To make the wallpaper attractive, Asus has added several effects and objects.

Download Live Scenery for Android

3D weather

3D weatherEven you don’t use the weather widget, you can still get climate information at your place with this app. 3D weather will add a background picture that features lush green outfield and animated windmills. The color of the sky will change as per the weather in your area. This LW includes rain and snowflakes animations. This application requires GPS.

Download 3D weather for Android


SakuraCherry trees look beautiful when they shed flowers and leaves. This free live wallpaper for Android simulates the same. Sakura includes gesture effects. It supports all modern Android devices.

Download Sakura LW

Petals 3D

Petals 3dActivating this LW will decorate your screen with bright colored petals of various flowers.

Download Petals 3D

Photosphere HD

Photosphere HDWhen it is in action, this app will create a live wallpaper from images stored on your device. Photosphere HD supports accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. It allows you to adjust picture colors. It also ships with some cool effects.

Download Photosphere


BubblesMost Android devices come preloaded with this LW. As there are no customization options available, very few people use it. The Bubble live wallpaper illusion features a settings utility that allows users to change the background, bubble colors, special effects, etc. You can also specify the number of bubbles that should be visible on the screen at a given time

Download Bubbles live wallpaper


Conclusion: The above best live wallpapers for Android will make your handset’s screen look more attractive. Install any one of your favorite applications from the above list and get rid of the annoying home screen background.


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