Mozilla Foundation has unleashed the latest Firefox 2.5 mobile operating system, and it is giving you the opportunity to try out this latest OS on your Android device. Mozilla has published the APK for the same on its official website. You have to download the APK and install Firefox OS preview version to use it. The operating system is built using CSS, HTML, and other website development technologies. It runs on Firefox browser.

To run it on Android, you don’t have to flash ROM, nor you’ve to root the system. After installing the OS APK, visit launcher settings and select Firefox.

The Firefox 2.5 OS has its virtual qwerty keyboard. This app is easy to use and unlike swift key or Google keyboard, it will not recommend you word suggestions. The operating system is faster and better than its earlier version. It has some cool additions that will attract users.

Below are the top 5 interesting features and modules of Mozilla’s new OS for phones.

Homescreen: The Firefox 2.5 OS UI features two screens. The 1st screen will display all the apps and utilities installed on the phone, and it supports infinite scrolling i.e., apps will appear when you scroll down. The icons are large. The OS doesn’t have options to change dimensions of the icons. The 2nd screen boasts the Pinned pages interface.

mozilla firefox 2.5 os APK for Android

Marketplace: The marketplace for downloading and installing apps is accessible only in the browser. This is because of the fact the OS is web-based. Firefox Marketplace doesn’t host millions of application and games. Firefox browser supports a large number of extensions. The OS should support them as it runs in the browser.

Pinned pages: This is a cool new feature introduced in the Firefox 2.5. When the user is navigating his favorite website, he can drag and drop the page on this interface for faster access. Pinned Pages is nothing but a full-screen bookmark manager.

Notifications: This Mozilla OS for Android has a beautiful notifications interface. But I don’t find its performance better than that of Android OS. This notification system has an option to configure your Firefox accounts. It allows you to enable the do not track me and find my device module. You can turn on/off phone utilities with the Firefox notification panel. Its performance depends on your phone’s hardware configuration. This interface may take a few seconds to appear in low-end phones.

Download Firefox OS APK here.

Well, this is not the stable version of the OS and Mozilla is improving it to make sure that Firefox 2.5 doesn’t disappoint the user. It will be great if this operating system is available as a launcher for Android handsets and tablets.


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