Cobian is the best free backup software for all types of Windows OS running machines. Its latest release (version 11) supports one of the most powerful encryption algorithm, the 256 bits version of AES.

Cobian 11 can be used to create several backup files simultaneously. It can decrypt or extract archive files too. This free software doesn’t include a backup restoration utility but you can easily restore your important files with its inbuilt file compression/extractor tool.

Cobian backup review:

Installation: When you run its setup, Cobian backup software will extract some files to the HDD of your Windows computer. It will then load an installation wizard with which users can choose an installation language and directory.

You can also specify the installation type and configure service options through the setup wizard. The installation process will execute for a few seconds. Cobian requires just 38MB of free internal storage memory. The backup files generated by this software will consume several hundred megabytes (if you create a backup of a local disk). So make sure that your HDD has a 10+GB free memory.

cobian backup 11

Main Interface:

The main window of this software has a simple layout. It has a menu based navigation system and a toolbar.

Creating a backup: Click on create a new task button in the toolbar. Now, you’ll a small window as shown below.

cobian create a new task backup

Cobian software allows you to create incremental, dummy, differential and full backup file encrypted with AES algorithm. Once you select a backup type, select the files option and click on the add button.

Cobian allows you to add individual files and an entire directory to the backup. You can also use add folders saved on other computers as Cobian backup 11 software supports file transfer protocol.

Once you’ve selected the files, specify a destination folder where you want Cobian to save the backup. If you want this software to repeat this task daily, weekly or monthly, go to its scheduler utility. To add files only with a specific extension, navigate to the filter option.

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This is a powerful feature and you can use it in many ways. For example, if a user wants to create a backup containing all PNG format images stored in a local disk D, he/she should use the filter tool.

Cobian allows you to fire a windows command or pause, start, stop any Windows service through its event utility. To create a highly secured backup, click on OK button. You can create as many tasks you can.

Each new task will be added to a list. Users can save/load the list to/from their computer’s storage memory. If your PC has a powerful multi-core processor and high volume of RAM, you can make this app run all tasks simultaneously.

Cobian generates backup files with .zip extensions. To restore the files, you can make use of the Windows extractor tool.

cobian main interface

Cobian settings: You can access and configure Cobian options through the tools menu. The settings interface offers the below useful utilities:

Compression: To change compression level, type, format or to enable/disable CRC checking of files, run this tool.

Engine: With this utility, you can change the behavior of Cobian free backup software for Windows. Through the engine options, users can configure this app to:-

  • Avoid sleeping, junction or adding similar tasks to the queue.
  • Enable or disable encryption.
  • Avoid executing tasks when the user’s laptop is running low on battery.

FTP: If you want to restrict Cobian from using 100% network bandwidth when it is running a task to create remote backups, navigate to the FTP utility.

Log level and mailing: With the 1st tool, you can configure Cobian to log every error or warning thrown when any of its processes are running. Cobian can send emails containing log & backup files as attachments.

To use the mailing feature, you’ll have to enter your email service provider’s SMTP address, port number, sender/recipients email-id and your login credentials.

Other important features of Cobian Backup 11 Gravity software:

Decompressor and Decryptor: If you want to view files stored in an archive or to test the compressed file, open decompressor from the tools menu. Inbuilt decryptor of this application can analyze and decrypt archive files easily. Both these utilities have a similar interface.

Log file management: To view, print or clear the data in the log files, click on the log menu of Cobian backup software.

Tutorials and help section: New users should first go through the tutorials of Cobian backup 11 software. The tutorial is in .html file format and it will be opened in a new tab of your default Windows browser.

Download Cobian Backup software for Windows.


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