According to many experts, there are just a handful of best security companies and Bitdefender is one of them. This company has launched plenty of free and premium antivirus applications. The free products offer basic protection. The paid ones are worth the money as they’re loaded with plenty of features. They have powerful antivirus engine to eliminate several types of online/offline threats.

Bitdefender Total security 2015 is one such software. Priced within 37 to 40 dollars for 6 months license, BTS has a simple UI along with several advanced protection modules. Today, we’ve shared its full review.

Setup: BTS installer requires 450 MB free storage space and an active internet connection on Windows OS running machine. It is not a RAM demanding software. So make sure that your computer meets its only requirement of internet availability.

the internet is required as the setup file is an offline installer (get it from After installation, Bitdefender total security 2015 will run its important modules in the background.

To access the main interface, double click on its Windows desktop shortcut icon.

bitdefender total security 2015 review and free trial

The main interface of Bitdefender total security 2015 boasts 3 large buttons along i.e protection, tools, and privacy. It also flaunts 4 small buttons i.e safe pay, scan, optimize and update. Find the complete details on these modules below:

Bitdefender Protection:
BTS 2015 comes integrated with several scanners for online, offline and spam protection. It also features a firewall and intrusion detection system.

Protection types

The web protection utility allows you to activate or deactivate anti-phishing/fraud modules and search advisor. It can scan SSL certifications or connection for threats. You are allowed to whitelist a URL which you think is clean from malware and malicious codes. Every URL in a web page will be scanned before the page is rendered on your browser. A green tick mark image will be accompanied with each clean URL.

Vulnerability scan: This is an important feature that takes care of protecting your PC from threats residing on removable and external storage devices like DVD, USB pen drive, etc. It also checks whether the user has set a strong Windows login password or not.

Vulnerability scan feature makes sure that your computer is up to date with latest security patches released by Microsoft corporation by regularly checking the status of Windows updates (enabled/disabled).

Antispam: This feature allows users to block emails with Asian and Cyrillic characters. If an email appears to be spammy, you can send it to Bitdefender’s sophisticated cloud protection system to analyze it. Email addresses can be whitelisted or blacklisted through the same interface.

Firewall: Open this tool if you want to disable internet connection sharing, port scans and monitoring of WiFi adapters/network connections. You can also set rules for individual running background processes and inactive applications through this interface.

To be honest, you should no do this as IT companies regularly roll out security updates for their applications. If you block any software from connecting to the internet, it will not detect the update.

Microsoft has been improving its firewall ever since the 1st version of Windows OS was first launched. Thus, if you don’t want to use Bitdefender firewall, you should stick to the default from Windows.


IDS: When this feature is active, all remote attempts to modify files on your computer will be blocked.

Bitdefender Privacy:

This window allows you to modify the default settings of the below tools:

Bitdefender tools

File shredder: Use it to permanently delete files or folders from the system and make them unrecoverable. You can select and add multiple folders at a time.

SafePay: This is yet another most useful feature of Bitdefender Total security 2015 suite. You should use it when you want to make a transaction online through net banking or debit/credit cards.

Safeway is basically a browser with advanced security features. It has options to disable adobe flash, popups, and inbuilt extensions. It also includes a bookmarking utility for maintaining a list of all banking sites that you access on a regular basis.

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Wallet: Use this tool to make transactions on shopping websites fast and easy. Wallets will store your credit or debit card details along with passwords to log in to the site.

When Bitdefender total security 2015 detects any payment form on a web page, it will automatically fill the credit card details. Apart from banking cards, Bitdefender wallet can also store license keys, email clients/wifi login credentials.

The data will be saved in DB. Before anything is saved, this software will prompt you to enter a master password for accessing or modifying the data. The Wallet can import login credentials from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet explorer.

bitdefender wallet

Parental control: This is a very good tool to check your children’s activity online. To use this feature, Bitdefender will request you to install an app on a mobile device. It will also prompt you to enter your child’s detail. Parental control should be enabled before you can start using it. This can be done through your Bitdefender account.

bitdefender parental control

Bitdefender Tools:

Safebox: Bitdefender users are offered free 2GB cloud storage space on the company’s own cloud service named safebox. You’ll have to log in to your Bitdefender account to use the safe box. This service allows you to upload, download files or share them online.

bitdefender safebox

Tuneup: Here you’ll find a set of tools to optimize your computer’s performance. I tested the disk defragmenter on a 1 terabyte capacity hard disk drive. It first analyzes the HDD after which the operation of defragmenting a partition will begin. It took more than 2 hours to optimize the C:// drive. Windows OS takes less than 45 minutes to complete the same task.


Profiles: You might want Bitdefender to use lesser system resources when you’re playing a game or watching movies. You can easily do this by configuring Bitdefender profiles. You can leave up to Bitdefender to choose the best profile for your PC by enabling the autopilot mode.

Bitdefender tools

Testing: Our favorite security software evaluation company AV-test had done a comprehensive testing of Bitdefender Total security. BTS has a protection score of 6.0 (out of 6.0). The organization had tested the application against 1000s samples and it was able to detect all the threats easily. BTS has a usability score of 5.5 as it considered 5 clean files as virus threats.


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