AMD will be launching a new Crimson driver software for Radeon graphics powered computers very soon. The software will replace the Catalyst Control center and it has been designed to make configuration of graphics an easy task for the user.

AMD has been releasing updates on a regular basis for the CCC application as well as for the graphic drivers but the company has not bothered to change the dull interface of the control center.

AMD now seems to be serious about the looks and feel of its application because the company has claimed that it took nearly a year to design and develop Radeon Crimson.

AMD will be hoping that the hard work pays off and Crimson will be happily adopted by the Radeon GPU users and fans.

AMD Radeon Crimson software

If you’re an AMD laptop or computer user, you will be well aware of the fact that navigation system in CCC is complex and you’ll have to spend a lot of time to configure graphics settings. The successor i.e AMD Radeon Crimson is very intuitive and it is bundled with some new graphics configuration option.

AMD Crimson display

It has a beautiful and modern UI. This software uses tabbed interface just like its predecessor. The tabs are gray colored and the background color of the Interface is black, grey, red. The text is white. Crimson’s main interface i.e dashboard will feature social network links so that you can easily follow or contact AMD.

Crimson also features a new Eyefinity settings. It has tabs to configure desktop, gaming, preferences, video and notifications. It has a button to find and download the latest AMD drivers update.

The software will include several new presets that will offer the best gaming experience to the user.

Radeon Crimson system

The latest settings include shader cache, frame rate target controls, overclocking of the GPU, etc. Crimson will allow users to create graphics profile for the games installed on their machine. This feature is very useful because you don’t have to readjust graphics when you switch from one game to the other.

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Crimson supports multiple displays at a time with AMD free sync technology. It loads in 0.6 seconds. CCC takes around 8 seconds. It was dead slow because the software was built on dot net framework. Crimson uses QT framework. It is compatible with Linux as well as Windows platform.

AMD’s last version for Catalyst control center is version 15.10. Crimson will be the successor this release and it will have the version number 15.11. It will be launched before 31st of Next month i.e December 2015.


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