PDF format is decade old but it is still heavily used because files of this format may have images, complex tables, and many more objects. Because PDF files are widely used and distributed, a PDF Reader is one of the must have programs for the Windows operating system.

Windows is the most popular operating systems in the world. Hence, you’ll find thousands of free PDF reader Windows applications. If you want a good experience while reading your favorite eBook or document, consider using one of the below software.

Top 4 Best PDF reader for Windows 10 OS

5Adobe Reader Touch

ART is the toned down version of the 1st program on our list. This software offers basic features nonetheless, it is a reliable program for reading PDF files on Windows.

The program maintains a list of recently opened files. Its main Window has two main options, open file and getting started. Click on the second option to learn about the features of ART. Select 1st option for opening a file.

Reader Touch provides two read modes, continuous and single. It has a function to bookmark a page, place a comment on any line of the file, highlight any line, and more.

Download ART.

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4Microsoft Edge as PDF Reader in Windows 10

A great alternative to the Adobe Reader is MS Edge browser. Although Chrome allows users to open PDF file, Microsoft has published a report which reveals that Google’s browser consumes more battery power than EDGE. We have to have to take the news with a pinch of salt.

As reading an entire PDF file can take hours, we must use a browser which doesn’t waste laptop battery power. Microsoft Corporation’s Internet Explorer replacement i.e. Edge supports Extensions. You can use it to read PDF files as well.

Windows 10 associates all PDF files to EDGE. Hence, you should just double-click on it to open the file with EDGE browser.

3Sumatra PDF reader

If you’re searching for a lightweight tool to open and read PDF documents, you should consider using Sumatra. The program comes in 32 bit/64 bit standalone/portable version for the Windows OS.

Sumatra displays PDF index in the left sidebar and the content on the right sidebar. It allows you to go to any page of your choice. It has an inbuilt search tool. The program supports customization of the look and feels. Click on settings and select advanced options. Sumatra will now open a configuration file where you can change text color, font, etc.

The portable version of S PDF Reader packs in a 3.89 megabytes ZIP file. It doesn’t edit the Windows registry.

Download Sumatra.

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2Adobe Reader DC PDF reader

A free application from Adobe INC, the company who invented the PDF format, the Adobe Reader DC is an elegant program that offers plenty of tools free of cost. It is one of the most downloaded Windows PDF reader software. The program allows you to edit PDF files. While editing, you can use any of the following tools:

  • Text highlighter, underliner, free-form drawing.
  • Add a stamp, attachment.
  • Color picker, sticky notes.
  • Drawing eraser, change text properties, and more.

Adobe DC allows users to zoom PDF content. It supports numbered navigation and option to go to the first, last, previous or next page. It has a function to search for text within a PDF file. The ARDC program packs two themes i.e. light and dark. It has a read-out-loud function that allows you to listen to the text content in the PDF document.

Download ARDC

Conclusion: To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to use RAM hogging application for reading PDF files. Hence, we should use a program which has low RAM and storage memory requirements. The four software we’ve shared in this article are perfect for reading PDF docs.



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