Ever since the busiest sites running on the internet have started supporting GIF files, people have been uploading more GIFs than pictures, selfies, and videos. GIF is nothing but an animated image. It has become the latest trend on the internet and a good way to express emotions.

To view the animation, you have to open the file in the image viewer application of the computer or in the browser. If the website is supporting GIF, you’ll be able to watch the animation from the website itself.

How to Create animated pictures without using Photoshop?

There are plenty of free GIF maker programs available for Windows and mobile devices. In my perspective, mobile applications have limited features. It is also difficult to manage files in a phone than in a Windows PC. To create a nice GIF from the video file, you should use Instagiffer software on your computer.

Instagiffer is a freeware GIF maker that works in two modes i.e. online and offline. In the 1st mode, the program will create GIF from videos uploaded on YouTube and other popular video streaming websites. To do so, the user must copy and paste the source URL in the textbox after which he must click on the load button.

In 2nd method, this program will use locally stored videos to generate your GIF. To do this, simply click the load button and locate the file stored on the hard disk drive of your computer.

instagiffer video to gif generator

Once your file has been loaded/located by the application, you’ll be able to configure the below options of InstaGiffer:

Start Time: With this function, the user can specify a start and end time of the video. The GIF will be generated from the video frames available between the two timestamps.

Smoothness: With this option, you can control the frame rate of the animation. If the frames are less, the file size will be small. With this program, you can generate GIF with a maximum of 25 frames.

Size: If you want to generate large size GIF, keep the frame size above 50%.

Quality: User can control the quality of the image with this function.

Brightness: This option allows users to control the brightness of the images. Changing the default brightness level will not have any impact on the GIF image size.

Playback control: With this option, the user can control the speed at which the GIF animation will be played.

Captions: To make others aware of what the GIF is about, the user should enter a good caption. Users can specify a font, size, style, position, opacity and color for their captions. They can also select frame after which the caption should appear or disappear.

Effects: InstaGiffer allows you to apply filters to make their animations more compelling.

Once you’ve configured the above options, click on create GIF button. The program will now generate an animated GIF which you can upload on social networks like Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

If you don’t have an internet connection or if you haven’t saved videos on your PC, you can use the free Instagiffer software to capture desktop screen. The recorded content will be saved as a media file. You can use this file as a source video file.

Other important features:

  • Option to delete, import, export, crop frames.
  • Function to change effects.
  • You can add logo to a GIF and change the file compression level with this program.
  • User can change video quality (if you’re using Instagiffer in online mode, this function will be useful for you).
  • The program has a preview window where you can preview the video content and GIF animation.
  • User can add sound effect to GIFs. Webm and MP4 file formats are supported.


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