Portable chargers aka power banks are useful mobile accessories. They are portable, and you can carry them in the pocket of your trousers or jeans. When your handset’s battery runs out of power, you can use them to charge it once again.

Original power bank from a reputed and top-rated company will cost you within 800, 1000 or 1500 Rupees. The price tag depends on the battery capacity of the device. A fake product will carry a price tag below 300 bucks. It may damage the battery of your cell phone.

If you don’t want to be fooled by a street vendor or a salesman, make sure that you buy one of the below genuine best power banks for mobiles from a trusted source.

Top power banks under 1000 Rs in India (up 1500 INR)

Lenovo PA 10400

lenovo pa 10400 power bank

PA 10400 is a highly portable ergonomic design based Lenovo power bank that you can buy for around 900 Rs. This PB has a rectangular chassis. Hence, it is easy to hold. PA is fitted with a 10400 mAh capacity battery. It provides two 2.1 Ampere USB connector and weighs 240 grams.

This device is safe as it features overheating protection module. As it is lightweight, you can carry PA 10400 anywhere you want. PA 10400’s batteries take about 280 to 360 minutes to get charged. It costs Rs 999.

Xiaomi Mi 2i

Xiaomi mi powerbank

Xiaomi might be a Chinese company, but it has been successful to sell its phones, tablets in India like hot cakes. The device is a new smartphone accessory from Xiaomi. You can buy it online for below 1000 Rs in India.

The Mi power bank features an aluminum water-resistant casing and a 10400 mAh capacity battery that can charge iPhone’s battery more than four times.

Mi 2i has been built with equipment’s manufactured by Texas Instruments, LG, and Samsung. Thus, it is a safe product. This device includes a Micro USB port, indicator light, and a reset button. It is compatible with all types of Windows, Android and IOS handsets or tablets.

Mi 2i is available in 8 color options. Xiaomi is selling three power banks in India with 16000 mAh, 10400 mAh, and 5000 mAh capacity battery. The price of Mi 2i is Rupees 900 on the official MI online store.


intex it-pb - best power banks under 1000 Rs in India

Intex is a fast-growing Indian company that has come up with plenty of phones, televisions, speakers, etc. IT-PB is one of its finest and best-selling products in India. It packs an 11000 mAh capacity lithium-ion battery and features 3 USB connectivity ports. You can use this PB to charge two phones/tablets at a time.

IT-PB ships with a LED bulb, which doubles up as a torch. It has a 280 grams weight. It is available for purchase in white and black color options for under 1000 Rs. This PB is stylish, durable and carries a price tag of Rupees 999.

Syska Boost 100

Syska Boost

Syska Boost is one of the cheapest 10000 mAh power banks you can buy in India. It supports USB charging and has two USB ports. Each port provides 5 Volts output. Hence, you can connect and charge two mobile devices at a time.

Syska Boost features a lithium-ion battery and weighs about 286 grams. It has a thickness of 66 millimeters. SB can charge your mobile phone multiple times when its battery is full. This device ships with a warranty of six months. It flaunts multiple LED lights and carries a price tag of 899 Rs.

Intex IT-PB12.5K

Intex IT-PB12-5k

IT-PB12.5K is cheap power bank manufactured by the top rated India-based consumer electronics manufacturer Intex. IT-PB12.5K is no different from other portable chargers we’ve shared on this list. It includes a 12500 mAh battery.

At 100% battery capacity, this Intex device can charge a powerful mobile like iPhone for up to five times. PB12.5K has four LED lamps and a power button. You can charge up to 3 mobile devices with it. Intex IT-PB12.5K has 290 grams weight. It is available in 3 color options for  Rs 1099 Rs.

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Ambrane P-1310

Ambrane’s P-1310 is a high capacity power bank that carries a price tag of Rs 950. It has sleek dimensions. It is lightweight and has an Ambrane logo on the front side.

ambrane p-1310 powerbank

P-130 provides 5 Volts power output, and it has been thoroughly tested for safety of the user before being launched in India. It has a 13000 mAh Li-ION battery, which is sufficient to charge multiple mobile devices at a time. You can purchase this power bank online in four color options for within 1100 to 1200 Rs.

iPro iP40

To compete with the Xiaomi, Lenovo, Ambrane, and other manufacturers, iPro had launched its iP40 power bank in India for below 1000 Rs. iPro’s device features a lithium-ion 13000 mAh capacity battery, which can charge any high end or low budget handset or tablet more than two times.

iPro IP40 - 1300 mAh power bank under 1000

The iPro iP40 PB offers 2 USB charging ports and it has a smart design. It weighs about 449 grams and has 4 LED lights.

PB 40 is a durable device. eCommerce websites are selling it for under 1000 INR in white color option.

Conclusion: Ambrane P-1310, iPro iP40, Lenovo PA 10400, Syska Boost 100, Intex IT-PB 12.5K, Xiaomi Mi, and INTEX IT-PB are the best power banks in India under 1000 and 1500 Rs in India.

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