I love reading news on the internet. Google has a well-designed news site through which we can get updates on our favorite sports star, actor, actress, politician, and more. The problem with the site is that your PC should have an internet connection before you can go through the news. Feedly, the best online RSS reader is the best tool for browsing the news feed. I use this tool as an alternative to Google News. The problem with Feedly is that it doesn’t have an offline app for Windows OS yet. NextGen Reader is the best Feedly client but it isn’t free.

I started searching for a free tool that could download RSS feeds so that I can go through the news later. Many sites recommended users to download RSSOWl. I installed this program and ran it on my Windows 10 laptop. Unfortunately, the program didn’t work. Hence, I removed it.

QuiteRSS was the next feed reader I discovered while searching for the top Windows 10 RSS reader software. After testing it for a while, I decided to switch from Feedly to the QRS.

quiterss - best Windows 10 RSS feed reader software for 2016

Here’s my review of this fantastic tool.

QuitRSS review: best RSS reader Windows software

QuiteRSS setup file’s size is 26 megabytes. You can get its portable or standalone version from the official QR website. Once installed, run the RSS reader by clicking on its start menu or desktop entry.

UI: The program has a superb UI. The main Window has the following four sections:

Subscription list: Here, you can add the feed of your favorite site. The program lets you name a subscription. For example, If I want to add Times of India feed, I can name the RSS as TOI. Right-click on the name and select the update feed option to get latest news items. You can configure QuiteRSS to fetch new RSS feed entries automatically.

The program offers a powerful filter tool to shortlist news stories by their title or content.

Feed list: The feed reader for Windows 10 shows the latest RSS items of a website/subscription you select on the above interface in this section. It has:

  • Star rating to bookmark your favorite news stories.
  • Mark RSS as read or unread.
  • Sort items by author name, category, title and date published.
  • Search function to find news with the keyword you enter.
  • Categorize feeds with labels.
  • And many more functions.

Content view: If you want to read the complete story, click on the RSS news in the above in the above module. The program loads the description of the RSS in this module. If you want to read the full story as covered on the website, click on the title of the news.

The interface has the options to load or disable pictures, save the story as an HTML file or print it to a paper or a PDF file. It lets you block or unblock advertisements.

Categories: If you like websites, categorizing the RSS feeds aka subscriptions will give you a quick access to your favorite stories. The feed list has the option for the same. It lets users categorize RSS into the following groups:

  • Important, work, personal.
  • To do, later, Amusing.


QuiteRSS is a reliable tool. It has a powerful interface that features every option that you’ll find in a premium feed reader software. QRS is a free tool that supports Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Why should you use RSS reader?

The feed reader is one of the safest and fastest ways to get updates from all websites that support RSS.

Conclusion: I was a Feedly, Flipboard, and NewsHunt (DailyHunt) addict until I found QuiteRSS. I am now using QRSS as my default feed reader. The program is simple yet it offers many cool features.

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