3D printers are powerful machines that can print all types of 3-dimensional objects on metal, cloth, plastic, paper and many other types of surfaces. They work with STL files and slicer software to produce outputs. Just like computers, laptops, tablets and phones, there are 100’s of varieties of budget 3d printers under $1000.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy one, you wouldn’t want to go through the reviews of each of the printer as it will confuse you. You should instead refer the below list of the best cheap 3d printers below 500 and 1000 dollars. They can be used for personal or professional use

The preachy Printer: This machine tops this list of the best cheap 3d printers because of its $100 price tag (around 6000 INR). This device emits light beam on light-weight resins along the Y and X axis to print an object. It is equipped with a salt container, dipper, valve, magnetic mirrors, inbuilt scanner and a resin level adjustor. Interestingly, the preachy printer is lighter than most of its competitors in this list.

preachy - Best cheap 3d printers with price

It has been manufactured from a startup that managed to raise around $600000 through Kickstarter. Visit manufacturers website.

QU-BD One Up: This is a cheap $200 3D printer that can be configured as per your requirement. It comes in 15 different parts that must be assembled as a DIY project by the user. The configuration may take below 10 hours. This machine works on 60 watts of power. Visit QU-BD’s official website for more details.

MakiBox: It is yet another affordable 3D printer in this list. Just like the qu-bd, this device must be assembled by the user before use. MakiBox is easy to operate, and it is built with simple components. It prints 4.33 x 5.8 x 3.5 inches objects at 0.04 mm precision and an average 50 mm/sec speed.

MakiBox 3d can be purchased in 2 variants. The cheapest version costs below $200. Due to its ease of use and low price, this machine is one of the best 3D printers around. Visit Makibox website to get full info.

Romscraj: This is a cheap $500 machine that weighs 2.8 kilograms (when assembled from the kit). It is incorporated with PLA material and thermoplastic extrusion, FFF technologies.

Romscraj - Best cheap 3d printers with price

This is not the only printer launched by Romscraj’s. The firm has introduced M.O.B, Portable Go, Durbie and Portabee 30 3D printers. All these machines can be ordered through Romscraj’s website for a price above 499$.

Buccaneer: This is yet another printer that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. Buccaneer supports cloud printing mode and WiFi connectivity. It allows users to edit and customize objects on the fly.

buccaneer - Best cheap 3d printers with price

This printer comes assembled. Hence, you don’t have to waste your time in its setup. Buccaneer costs within $400 to $1000. Visit the official site for more info.

RigidBot: It is one of the best customizable 3D printers under $1000. Rigidbot can be purchased online as a single unit or as a kit containing over 50 separate parts. This machine doesn’t come with a power source. You must add your PSU to see the RigidBot live in action.

rigidbot - Best cheap 3d printers with price

I hope that you’ve found this article useful. If you are aware of a top 3D printer that I’ve not covered in this post, kindly share it with us through a comment.


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    Just sayin – the Makibox isn’t “available” anymore and Makible is broke


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