While studying in the school, you may have learned that air pollution can lead to deadly diseases such as lung cancer and stroke. Although people are aware of the diseases, they don’t do enough to reduce the pollution level.

According to Wikipedia, five Indian cities tops the list of most polluted cities in the world. Delhi is at the top of the list with a very high air pollution level. Last year, the Delhi Government had launched the Odd-Even scheme for fixing the pollution problem in the city. The scheme was ineffective.

Frankly speaking, the pollution level in Delhi and other cities won’t drop unless people switch to the alternative mode of transportation and use devices which doesn’t emit highly toxic gasses.

A good solution to air pollution problem is electric vehicles which don’t require fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel to function.

People hesitate to buy an electric vehicle because none of the top vehicle manufacturers have launched a good looking EV in India.

Hopefully, things will begin to change soon as India’s top two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Motors has introduced a cheap and stylish electric scooter called Flash.

Hero Flash price india electric scooter

The new two-wheeler from Hero costs Rs 19000 only and it is ideal for traveling shorter distances.

The scooter has a good design and it doesn’t look cheap. It is lightweight as well. The weight of Hero Flash is about 88 kilograms.

Like other top scooters in India, Hero Flash provides essential features such as under seat storage box, long lasting alloy wheels, and a robust suspension system. Once you charge the vehicle, you can travel up to 65 kilometers by it.

According to India Today, owners of the Hero Flash electric scooter are not required to register the details of the vehicle with the RTO or have to avail a driving license.

The Hero electric scooter packs a powerful motor of 250 watts and ships with a 48 Volt battery. The company hasn’t revealed the shell life of the battery nor it has unveiled the top speed.

The vehicle comes with a shock resistant circuit design. It is easy to handle. Hero may provide a warranty of up to 2 years for its electric scooter.

Hero Flash will go on sale in Delhi, which currently holds the title of India’s most polluted city. Hero Motors will sell the Flash Scooter in two color combinations.

Hero has launched 15 electric vehicles in India. To see the full details of each vehicle or check their availability details and price in your city, please visit the official Hero website.


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