VPN client is a must have software for Windows 10 OS. It prevents other users from knowing the websites you browse often, your location, IP address, network service provider, OS, browser details, etc. In other words, it makes you anonymous on the web.

VPN clients come in handy when you’ve connected your computer to an unsecured WiFi hotspot or you’re browsing a website that doesn’t employ SSL certificates.

When you run a VPN client on Windows 10 PC, your PC will receive data packets from a powerful VPN server instead of the server hosting the website. The server issues HTTP GET/POST requests on your behalf. A good VPN service should encrypt and forward the HTTP response to your PC so that you can access the requested page. It shouldn’t simply forward the responses.

If you’re browsing a non-https website, a person from the same organization or your ISP may sniff the non-encrypted network traffic with Wireshark or similar tool. The sniffed data may include URL of the website you’re currently browsing, the file you’re downloading, etc. To avoid this, you must use a VPN client that establishes a secure connection from your PC to the VPN server.

Most free VPN servers behave like proxy websites. They are not 100% secure. Below we have shared VPN services that encrypt traffic sent/received by your computer.

Best Windows 10 VPN for PC

7Avira Phantom VPN

If you’re using the internet connection for checking emails or editing documents online, you can use Avira Phantom on your PC for free. Avira has set 500 MB monthly data transfer limit for the free users. If you register an account with Avira’s website, the data transfer limit will increase to 1GB.

Premium users enjoy unlimited data transfer. Phantom VPN uses AES 256-bit algorithm to encrypt network traffic. Avira had introduced its first every VPN client for Windows last year. Because of the trust people have in Avira’s security products, Phantom has become a popular VPN service.

6Psiphon VPN

Psiphon is one of the leading VPN service providers in the world. It is powered by the IPSec and L2TP encryption algorithms. It also uses the SSH and HTTP technology to provide secure internet experience to the users. Your ISP won’t be able to track your online activities when Psiphon is active on your PC.

The VPN client offers 8+ server locations. It provides options to disable proxy service for the websites hosted in the same country and the use of L2TP/IPsec algorithms.

Psiphon allows you to configure proxy settings. The VPN client supports 20+ languages. Apart from Windows OS, you can use Psiphon on Mac or Android operating systems.


Like other VPN clients, IPVanish stops spying activities of internet service providers by encrypting network data with a powerful algorithm. IPVanish lets users bypass internet censorship in school, universities, business, etc. It offers three plans for a price starting at $7.

IPVanish supports several payment services. You can make payment with PayPal. The VPN service owns 40000+ IP addresses and it doesn’t impose bandwidth restriction. It has a kill switch feature that will automatically disconnect your Windows PC from the internet when the VPN server isn’t responding or when it is unable to handle your requests.

IPVanish employs L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, and 256-bit AES algorithms. Its client app for Windows 10 is user-friendly.

4TunnelBear VPN

By default, TunnelBear VPN client app detects server with least number of VPN connections to offer the fastest possible download and upload speeds. TunnelBear enables users to change the server location.

The VPN Client safeguards your privacy regardless of the underlying network connection. It encrypts traffic when your PC is connected to an insecure public WiFi network, dial-up or any other broadband connection.

TunnelBear uses OpenVPN protocol and it provides 15+ server locations. It doesn’t support BitTorrent protocol or P2P file transfers. It can be used on Windows PC for free.

Once your PC has sent or received 500MB data, TunnelBear will prompt you to upgrade your account from free to premium. The cheapest premium plan costs $8 per month. To get started with TunnelBear, you must create a new account or login with your existing TB account.

3Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost is the world’s most popular VPN service for Windows OS. It employs AES and OpenVPN encryption algorithms for providing secure VPN connection to the users. CG provides three plans to users. If you can wait for an indefinite time for the client to establish a VPN connection or you’re ready to see advertisements, you can use its service for free.

The premium subscription plans of Cyberghost VPN starts at $5. This plan enables you to enjoy top-class VPN service on a single device without advertisements. Premium users can choose server closest to their location.

CyberGhost owns 500+ servers. Hence, if you’re not able to connect to one server or if your browsing speed has dropped, you can easily switch to another server.


Among other VPN clients we have shared here, this software takes the most time to get installed and it provides a maximum number of features. Once the setup completes the installation, you’ll be asked to log in the client or create a new account. To register your account, you must provide your email address and password.

NordVPN has 30+ servers located in Europe, Brazil, US, etc. It supports TOR and P2P protocols. The service allows users to avail dedicated IP address. It has special servers that avert DDOS threats. NordVPN doesn’t maintain a log of your online activities. You can configure it to start VPN service when the OS starts.

NordVPN lets support bitcoin payments and it is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.

NordVPN is a premium VPN service. It uses several powerful encryption algorithms. Its subscription plans cost within 5 to 11 USD.

Free VPN Client for Windows 10 (Proxy)

Opera Web Browser

The latest edition of the free Opera browser has an option to enable VPN service on a PC without installing a third-party client app. Opera’s server is located in the following five countries:

  • United States, Germany.
  • Netherlands.
  • Singapore, and Canada.

To activate Opera VPN, tap on the VPN option besides the browser’s address bar and select your preferred location.

The great thing about Opera VPN is that there’s no data transfer limit. You can use it for the whole day.

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Conclusion: If you’re in a country where video streaming, social network sites are blocked or if you connect your device to a public WiFi Hotspot for browsing the internet, then install and use any one of the above VPN clients on your PC. Once the VPN service is enabled on your system, you can browse any site anonymously.



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