Along with releasing a new and updated version of its popular instant messaging application, Viber media has launched a new ephemeral Android and IOS app called Wink.

Wink is now the latest alternative to SnapChat. Here’s a short review that explains how this app works on my Android device.

Setup, features, and review

When you open it after installation, this 5.6 MB application will request you to allow it to use your phone’s camera. As this is an image sharing platform, it will not work if you don’t enable the camera permissions. This app boasts a large grey colored button, an icon to swap cameras and an option to disable/enable the auto-focus system.

When the user taps on the button, Wink will capture the focused picture. After an image is captured, the user will be allowed to save captured picture to the phone’s storage.

This app will also let its user add text to the image and set time duration for which it should be available for the recipient. You can set 1, 3, 7 or 10 second expiry time. If you don’t want the picture to disappear, you will be happy to learn that there’s a no time limit option in the Wink app.

If you click on the send, Wink will open Viber messenger after which you will be prompted to select a contact with which you would like to share the image.

viber wink app snapchat alternative

The shared pic will disappear after your friend has seen it. Wink will work only with the latest version of Viber. If your friend is not using it, you’ll be prompted to send an upgrade link to him/her or save the picture to your phone’s gallery.

Wink is a decent app, but its major drawback is that you will have to install Viber messenger in order to send and receive picture messages. It is published on the play store as well as the Apple app store.

A lot of internet companies are trying to compete with Snapchat and all of them have failed so far. The latest attempt is from Viber. Let’s see if Wink works out for them.

Snapchat users will not move to wink because of the below 2 reasons:

A single app takes care of sending your photos (with an expiry timestamp) to friends.

Snapchat’s discover feature is addictive and many people use this app because of this feature. It also has a good number of filters and large user base.


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