Most of the middle-class people are budget conscious. People calculate their monthly expenses beforehand and make sure that they don’t spend too much of money unnecessarily because this will affect their savings.

When you have a bank account, managing money becomes much easier because you can get monthly/yearly back statement on request. Banks also offer their customers a passbook. The Customer can visit a nearby branch to get this book updated with latest transactions details.

Statements and passbook are important because they make you aware of expenses, savings, credit and debit details. If your income gets deposited directly to your bank account, life becomes easy for you as you can use the passbook and bank statement to file income tax or check expenses. The only drawback of bank statements and passbook is that the user will have to spend some time in grouping the data, i.e., expenses, credited and debited money.

Whizdm, a startup company, is trying to help you out with this issue with its Money view app for mobile devices. I discovered this application while I was searching for a financial planning app for Android. I find Money View useful in many ways. Please go through the below review to know why it is an important application.


Money View as has been published by WHizdm on the Google play store. I was not able to find it on the Itunes or Windows phone store. If you’re an Android user, you should be able to install this app on your mobile device within a minute (It will take much longer time when you’re using GPRS connection). The installation will be fast because MV is a small application (APK size is below 6MB).

After Money view had been installed, I opened it. The app displayed requested me to create a new account or login with the email address stored on my Android phone. I used the 2nd method to start using this app.

When you’re logged in, Money View will set up your expenses data and bank account. This process will take few seconds to execute. It may take some time to get things working if your phone is slow.

During the setup, Money View app will read your contacts and SMS messages. You’ll be requested to activate the permissions for the same. The installation process will run every time you open this application because it will read your messages to find bank related transactions.

This budgeting app linked my debit card number to the bank account correctly. The transaction data for the same was correct.

This application was able to read all the messages that were sent by the bank immediately after the successful completion of online transactions.

MV comes loaded with plenty of useful features. It has cash in/out report that displays your money withdrawal activity from the ATM.

If you use credit cards or any postpaid telecom plans, or if you’ve enabled bill alerts for any service, the Due dates/money will be updated automatically in this application.

Bill management is an intuitive feature in this free Android finance app. If the user has not received any due date reminder message, he can add the bill manually.

If you have taken loans from a bank, you can easily track it with Money View.

This application allows you to track expenses that are shared between you and another person (for example, roommate, train tickets, etc). To use this feature, navigate to the split transactions module.

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Money view will automatically update your bank balance and other relevant data (like expenses, due bills, etc). It makes users aware of their top spending areas. It supports Android notifications. Thus, you’ll be notified of every transaction or a nearing due date.

The data is grouped and presented to the user is a neat and well-designed user interface. You can export it in CSV file format.

Online banking websites are highly secure. Money view developers claim that their app is safe, and it never reads your one-time password nor does it requests to you enter your bank login credentials. You can set up a pin code in it if you want to block other people from accessing your data. This is an excellent feature. If you use MV app, I would recommend you to activate it.

Download link for Android users.

This is a good app, but you can’t expect the bank to send you a message for every online or ATM transaction. Today, I purchased some books from Amazon via net banking and my bank didn’t dispatch the transaction alert message for the same. This has happened several times before. You don’t have to worry about this as Money View has an option to add transaction details manually.

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Each module in this app works like a charm. MV is fast and accurate. I tested it for an hour; this application didn’t throw any error nor did it affected my phone’s performance.


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