There are a many game development companies that are earning millions of dollars in revenue every year. Many parents think that these organizations are making money by selling products that are spoiling their kid’s life and future. Some people blame the companies considering that their products have made them anti-social and addictive. Nongamers have 100s of questions and doubts in their minds and today, we’ll try to remove their doubts. Below are the most commonly asked questions:

Do games affect your health?

Yes! You may discover new moves, and you will like to try them out in the field. In this way, your health and physical fitness will improve.

Can a video game improve your concentration and help your brain?

All games have an objective, and the user has to complete it. For example, in Warcraft or Age of Empires, the player has to complete challenging missions. When you play games, your concentration will increase because you’ll be dedicated to complete all the tasks that you’re asked to complete.

Problem-solving games like 2048 are challenging, and unless you think carefully, you will not be able to score high. Spend at least half an hour daily playing such puzzles and riddles. After some months, you’ll find that you’ve become smarter.

Do video games affect your mood?

If you’re bored at work, you should spend some time playing online logic games. After 20/30 minutes of enjoyment, you’ll be more dedicated towards your job. If you complete a level or two, your confidence will increase, and this will reflect in your job. Many employees waste their time on social networks communicating with friends.

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Do games have an impact your social life?

If you’ve played Counterstrike, you should know that teamwork can lead to victory. In professional life, teamwork plays an imperative role in the success of a project. This can happen only if every member contributes equally.

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Is there any future for gamers?

Yes! If you’re passionate and have good observation and thinking skills, you should apply for the game testing job.

Which website allows you to download games for free?

Google play store, Itunes and Internet Archive.

Can a game run without graphics card?

Yes! Most computers and laptops come with an integrated HD Intel chipset that allows you to run any game at the lowest/moderate settings. If you want to enjoy the 3D content and amazing graphics, you need a video card. If a game is throwing error or forcing system to shut down or reboot, you should uninstall it immediately.

Conclusion: I’m not an expert nor I’ve very high IQ like Albert Einstein, but I know that playing useful and challenging games can be helpful. If you have children at home, install some learning apps and puzzles in your phone and make your kids use them. If your dad or mom is suffering from short-term memory loss problem, make him/her play a brain teaser as it will be good exercise.

If your parents are having any of the above doubts, share this article with them. Their thoughts on video games will change after reading our post.

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