Windows 10 OS is the most stable Microsoft OS till date. I’ve been using it for a year and have faced only one issue so far. Before switching to Win 10, I have used Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 OS. Windows XP is the buggiest OS. Microsoft has ended support for it, but many people are still using Win XP.

The other versions of Windows are better but they’re not stable than Win 10. You may encounter various problems while using these operating systems.

Fixing Windows OS related problems is not an easy task. You’ll have to find a solution to the problem on Microsoft support forums. Many people think that this a waste of time and they hire a technician for repairing the malfunctioned PC. Such people don’t bother to find out the cause of the problem. If they do so, they can fix OS related problem by themselves.

If you’re not able to boot Windows OS, then you should first check if the PC hardware is working or not.

One of the best to find faulty hardware is to download Linux Live CD image, burn the ISO image to a DVD/CD and run the Linux distro by mounting the disk in the DVD tray.

If there’s a problem on the hardware, Linux might not boot. In such cases, you’ll have to replace the faulty equipment. The technician is the best person to do this job. Don’t try to replace the hardware by yourself. If you do so, you may damage other hardware components.

When you find that the hardware has not malfunctioned, run your PC in Windows Safe mode. If you’re using Windows 10, reset your computer. Resetting the Win 10 OS will fix all problems without deleting your files.

On computers running Win 7, XP, 8.1 or Vista OS, you should restore the computer to a previous state with the Windows system restore tool. Once you do so, reboot the computer. You should now be able to use Windows in the normal mode. To make sure that the Windows OS doesn’t malfunction in the future, use a powerful antivirus software.

If resetting the computer or using system restore doesn’t help, restart your PC and run Windows in safe mode (with networking option enabled). Download and install the Windows repair tool (version 3.8.5 is the latest) from website.

WRT is an all in one tool that allows you to fix various issues step by step through its powerful functions. The tabs are labeled as Step 1, 2 and so on.

1st step: You’ll be asked to do a power reset. Simply follow the instructions displayed in the panel.

windows repair tool power reset

2nd step: Here you’ll find the option to run the pre-scan tool which will find issues in Windows package files, system reparses points and environment variables.

windows repair tool pre scan

3rd step: The program will ask you to run the Windows check disk utility.

windows check disk

4th step: You’ll be prompted to run the system file checker tool which will identify all corrupt files in the system.

system file checker

5th tab: You will be able to create a new system restore point and registry backup.

backup registry system restore

6th Step: This is the most important module of the Windows repair tool. Open this tool and select each and every option that you find in the left panel of the program. You’ll find the below options:

  • Reset registry, service and file permissions.
  • Repair WMI, Windows firewall, Internet Explorer, MDAC, hosts file.
  • Replacement Policies, start menu issues, icons, network issues, temp files, proxy settings.
  • Unhide local disks and system files.
  • Repair Windows updates, CD not working issue, shadow copy, snipping tool, etc.

windows repair utility to fix issues

While repairing the PC, the program will generate a log file to make you aware of what issues it has fixed. You can find the log file’s location under the settings panel/tab.

In settings section of the free Windows repair tool, you’ll find an option to change the priority of command prompt, configure the max disk read/write speed, check for newer version of the software and customize program colors.

settings Windows repair

Conclusion: This freeware can fix several issues that are commonly found in the Windows OS. WRT is free to use. Pro version with extra features is available as well.


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