Sometimes you may want to save your important files on an external storage medium or online cloud platform like Google Drive, ICloud, etc. USB devices will cost you within 5 to 50 USD, and external hard disk drives are expensive. They are priced within $50 to $200. Popular cloud storage platforms have cheap plans, and they’re secure, but your PC must be connected to the internet before you save files online.

If your internet connection speed is slow, you won’t be upload to sync large files to a cloud drive. Hence, if you’re planning to backup your files online, you should make sure that your internet connection speed is above 2 Mbps. The cheapest way to save data would be to burn a DVD OR CD with software. Compact and digital video disks are available for purchase online. They also retail in local shops for below 1 dollar. There are two types of DVD devices available in the markets, non-rewritable and rewritable.

When you save data on the disk of 1st type, you can’t change or modify it. For example, if you burn a text file to a DVD, you won’t be able to edit the file on the disk.

Rewritable DVDs are always a better option as you can easily erase the data stored in them. Windows OS comes with an inbuilt tool to write data to a disk. Frankly speaking, the tool has limited features and it if something goes wrong, the tool may corrupt the DVD.

To make sure that your files are successfully written to the DVD, you should use one of the following best free DVD burner software.

Best CD DVD burning Software 2017


ImgBurn is one of the top free software for burning DVD. It offers many features that are found in Nero. ImgBurn allows you to change write speeds and it can burn 100 copies of DVDs one after the another. You should avoid writing multiple disks in a short time to avoid damages to the DVD burner.

ImgBurn displays a log of all events in a separate window. It can make users aware of warnings when you try to overburn or try to write files to protected disks. The software displays queued image files. You can change the output image layout file format to MDS, CCD, DVD or CUE.

This application supports many formats. It can write various types of image files to the disk (including .nrg and .pdi format). Due to its wide range of useful features, ImgBurn is a good alternative to Nero and the best DVD burning software (free version). I’ve used it to create many DVDs successfully.

ImgBurn has EZ-mode picker function that gives you access to six important tools. Before it begins burning a disk, the program detects the manufacturer of the DVD burner hardware. Then, it loads specific optimal for it.

Download here.


CDBurnerXP might sound like a Windows XP only software but this is not the fact! You can use it any version of Windows (I tested it on Microsoft Windows 10 OS). This free DVD burner takes about 13.0 MB space on your hard disk and it is easy to use.

If you want to install additional languages, CDBurnerXP will consume 19MB. This free software can detect and open .dxp, .axp and .iso format files. When you run it, this software will open its main window that displays options to burn, erase or create data/video disks.

CDBurnerXP allows you to set folders for temporary files. It lets users rewrite the same project again. You can enable file caching for faster disc burning

CDBurnerXP doesn’t provide advanced DVD burning options. In other words, the features are limited. The USP of this software is its simple interface that makes DVD writing tasks easy. However, the interface is not very attractive.

Visit the official website to download this software.

3Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning studio features a wizard tool that allows you to backup and restore files. The program allows you to save backups to a DVD/CD or on the hard-disk. You can configure Ashampoo Studio to save your important files in a compressed password protected file. If you want to restore files, you must provide the path to the folder where the backup has been saved.

Ashampoo can burn image files of .iso, .bin, .cue extensions. It can create MP3 audio and video CDs. This free DVD burning software for Windows comes with a help section. It has a tool to erase rewritable disks. It features a utility to edit videos and create subtitles, slideshows, etc.

Download link.

Conclusion: As you can see above, ImgBurn provides plenty of useful features. Its interface is good, and features are user-friendly. Hence, ImgBurn is better than Ashampoo and CDBurnerXP software. The three applications we’ve shared above support Windows 10, 8.1, XP, 7, and Windows 8 operating system and they’re stable.



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