Poocho app was first published in the play store in 2014 but it didn’t get as much popularity as its competitors (Ola, Uber, Taxi 4 sure) managed to get. Poocho has been republished on the play store by the Delhi Government and it now has some important features that you’ll find in the top taxi booking apps for Android.

The government is planning to launch two variants of Poocho, one of the travelers and the other for a taxi, bus or car drivers.

The driver who wants to use Poocho application will have to install GPS navigation supporting device in their vehicle. The GPS will keep sending the location to the central server. This information will be shared with the traveler.

The user who wants to travel around the city can easily get details on the available vehicles in real-time with the Poocho app.

Poocho supports 3 modes of transport i.e taxi, buses and auto rickshaw. It will make you aware of the fare before you book a vehicle. Users who want to travel by bus can check seat availability, the live location of the bus and its expected time of arrival.Poocho app travelling in Delhi

This app will make the commuters aware of the driver’s contact number so that they can get in touch with him/her. If you own a vehicle, you can get information on nearby available parking locations.

Poocho can calculate the distance between the source and target destinations. It can also estimate the time required to travel between 2 locations.

Registration of vehicles is straightforward in Poocho. The driver will have to send an SMS with their vehicle and chassis number to 99586694311. The remote server will keep a track of the messages received on this number. It will parse the SMS and reply back with a confirmation message if valid details are provided by the driver.

Download the app here.

Commuters will have to contact the driver from a list and they’ll have to enter the pickup details. They can check traffic Jam details and comments by other users. The app has good features. It will be an interesting competition between the Govt, Ola cabs, and Uber if Poocho is accepted by the Delhi public.


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