Reliance Jio Infocomm has launched its first instant messaging app in the form of Jio chat. This free app includes several exciting features that will attract WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat users. It can be installed on Android phones through the Google play store.

Jio chat is a 20 megabyte Android and iPhone app that has a basic requirement of 2G internet connection. To use voice calling feature, you’ll have to activate WiFi or 3G on your handset. Reliance Jio chat was published on the play store yesterday. It has eye-catching UI and better features than WhatsApp, Hike.

Reliance Jio Chat review:

Verification and profile: After installing Jio chat, users will have to verify their mobile numbers to access its features. Once the number has been verified, you’ll be prompted to enter your username. You can enter any name you want.

Once your name has been set, you can access and use every feature of this application. You can set your status, mood or change your DP by navigating to your profile.

Jio chat verification

Messaging: When you run it on Android or iPhone, Jio chat will scan all numbers in your contact list. If your friend or relative is using this app, you can easily interact with him.

While chatting, you can send emojis, stickers, pictures, videos, any type of file, doodle, your current location and smileys to your friends.

Stickers can be downloaded from sticker store utility of this app. You are allowed to broadcast messages, change the chat background or block any user. You can set a pattern lock or password to prevent unauthorized access to the chat window.

Reliance Jio chat calling feature

Dialer: Bharti Softbank added the internet calling feature of Zip phone to its Hike messenger app. WhatsApp now allows you to make VoIP calls. Jio chat comes implemented with VOIP technology too.

If your device has access to WiFi or 3G networks, you can make free voice or video calls with this app from Reliance. I’ve tested this feature on my Android phone. The voice quality is excellent. I spoke with my friend for 3 minutes and the call didn’t disconnect.

Interestingly, you can also participate in VoIP conference calls. If you’re not connected to the internet, Jio chat will make a GSM, CDMA voice call.

Free SMS: Along with real-time messages, you can use Jio chat to send free SMS. Users are allowed to send utmost 100 texts per month. I was not able to send any text messages. It looks like this feature hasn’t been activated by Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Channels: Here you’ll find a list of useful online services and advertising partners of Reliance Jio communications. Tapping on the list item will open a Facebook page like interface. This interface will make you aware of the latest news, deals from Reliance partners.

Settings: Reliance Jio chat settings allows you to clear chat history, change app theme and font size. Settings utility in this app can be used to turn on/off notification and last seen time. Last seen time can be disabled or activated once in 24 hours.

Download Reliance Jio chat for Android or iPhone.

Final thoughts:
Jio chat offers more features than Viber, Line, WhatsApp and many other popular instant messenger apps. Its location sharing feature is awesome. If Reliance advertises its app through TV or Radio, the user base of WhatsApp or Hike messenger will shrink.


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