Developed by thought mechanics Inc, Zip Phone is an app that allows users to make free phone calls with high definition voice quality. The contact numbers identify users. To place a call, you don’t have to enter a number each time.

This app will automatically detect numbers and sync contacts with your Android or IOS device. For the privacy of the users, voice data exchanged between 2 users is encrypted. To place a call, all the user has to do is log into the system and check if any friend or relative is online.

If you find someone online, just tap on the number to begin a communication. Apparently, this software for mobiles has managed to get over 10000 downloads. It requires 3.6 megabytes of storage space, and it can function in Android 2.3+ OS installed devices.

This software is easy to use. It has an average 4.0 ratings on the play store. The voice calling features of Zip Phone app has been merged into Hike messenger. If you don’t want to use hike, you can try out Zipt. This app supports free calling between 2 phones that are loaded with Zipt. According to its developer, Zipt uses a low amount of data.

Download Zipt here.

Another app that has made its way to the Google play store is Nanu. This software lets you make free calls through a GPRS connection. It can eliminate your phone bill expenses even if you don’t own a device with a WiFi/3G connection. One interesting feature of Nanu is that it supports calls to devices that don’t have this app installed. It can be used to call landline numbers in more than 40 countries.

download nanu for Android

When you place a call through Nanu, instead of any ringtones you’ll hear a short advertisement. This software is compatible with Android Froyo (2.2) and above operating system. It consumes just 3.8 MB space on MicroSD or ROM.

Get Nanu for Android.

Nanu has managed to get a decent 3.6 rating, and it has over 50000 downloads with its name. If you don’t like the features of above two apps, you can try Skype, WeChat or Viber.


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