Stick sports, an Australia-based company has launched its latest game, the Stick cricket 2. This game features male as well as a female character. It has many short and interesting levels of gameplay. SC2 can be played only in batting mode.

If you love bowling, you should install some other free cricket game. The graphics of stick cricket 2 are good. The background music is decent. It could have been better if developers had configured CS2 to play crowd cheering sound on every delivery bowled.

SC2 Review:

Installation: Open play store app on your Android 4.0+ OS running handset or tablet and install Stick cricket 2. If you don’t want to see ads, run this app after disabling WiFi or active data connection. SC2 can be played in multi-player mode. Thus, if you want to play this game along with your friends, you should keep data connection active.

This free Android game requires around 47 megabytes of storage memory. To install Stick Cricket for PC, you’ll need to download and open its APK file via Bluestacks emulator.

Levels: This game has 3 modes i.e. regional, international and local, each with 15 levels. The 1st two modes are locked. You can unlock the remaining 2 modes through in-app purchase or by completing each objective in the regional mode.

The in-app purchases will cost you within 50 to 510 Rupees or below 8 dollars. You’ll be rewarded a new cricketing gear for every level you complete. In the survival level, you have to score as many runs you can in three overs without getting out. If you complete this objective, the next mission will be unlocked and you’ll be rewarded with a new bat, helmet, skills (shots, timing) or points.

Gameplay: Once you select a level and start this game, CS2 will make you aware of the current bowler and his/her skills. As you can see below, a slow straight bowler named Inez Turner will be starting the over.

current bowler

The batsman can play shots on all sides of the ground. But there are just 2 controls. Tapping on the left arrow will make the batsmen play a leg shot. If you hit the right arrow, the cricketer will hit the ball on the off side. The scorecard will be displayed after every over.

Stick Cricket 2 features a heads-up display too. The HUD makes you aware of the bowler, batsmen statistics, the number of overs bowled and runs scored by the team. I played Stick Cricket 2 for half an hour. The statistics were accurate. The control orientation can be changed only after/before a ball has been bowled.

Locker room: If you want to change your player’s outfit or if you want to increase his/her timing or add new shots to his skills, navigate to the locker room. Unlocked rewards can be accessed through this utility.

Settings: You can access the game settings during live cricketing action or from the main screen of SC2. Settings allow you to quit, restart the game or turn on/off the sound. You can also change screen orientation, controls with this utility.

Download stick cricket 2 for Android.

Help: If you’re not able to play this game, you can go to the help section of Stick Cricket 2.


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