Chrome for Android mobile devices is one of the top browsers in the world because of its powerful security and privacy features. It is competing with the UCbrowser for the top slot.

In some countries, UCbrowser is used more than Chrome on phones and tablets because of its server compression technology that promises faster download speed and browsing experience. A recent report published in the Indian Express claims that UCB’s mobile market share has increased from 38 to 51 percent.

Google has made Chrome for Android and iPhone better and much faster by adding a new data saving mode to it. Thus, it will now give UCB a run for its money. When the user enables data saver mode from settings, images will be removed from websites and the user will experience a better page loading time. When the page is completely loaded, the user will be given the option to display the discarded pictures.

data saver chrome android

If you don’t want the browser to discard images, the best optimization option for Chrome will be to disable JavaScript so that scripts will not be processed and executed by the browser. Most ad networks deploy ads on websites using JS. Turning JS off will make the browser ignore every .js file of a website. Thereby reduces its load time.

In developing nations where 3G and 4G data plans are expensive, browsing the internet is not a very pleasant experience. On 2G networks, the website loading speed is horrific.

Modern design and technologies based websites are laden with a lot of JS and CSS elements which in turn increases the weight of the site. These websites have 500KB to 3MB size and a browser on the user’s phone will take a few seconds time to load them. A large web page will take ages to load. This results in frustration for the user and he’ll go back to the search results and switch to some other portal.

Well, Google is working is working on a few more projects to improve the experience of mobile users. The 1st project i.e Google WebLight is already live in action. The 2nd major project of the company is AMP aka accelerated mobile pages.

When a visitor finds a slow website in search results, he’ll be prompted to enable google WebLight module that claims to load pages 4 times faster and reduces the size of the page. The 2nd project is in the development and it will be unleashed in 2016.

source: Chrome blog


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