I’m sure the title of this article would have shocked you, but this is the truth. Your favorite thriller/action game GTA San Andreas is now available for the most widely used mobile OS platforms in the world – Android. The game can now be downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet for a price around $6.5 or $7 ( 300 to 400 Rs).

The plot of this game is same as it was for PC. Now you can enjoy GTA on your mobile phone and go through various thrills and excitements with your favorite player Carl Johnson, popularly known as CJ.

For those who have no idea about this game, Carl Johnson aka CJ has just entered San Andreas city. The city has various gangs. The primary motive of CJ is to protect his family and some of his friends. In this task, Carl Johnson has to explore the entire San Andreas city.

Download GTA San Andreas for Android

The fun part is that CJ can eat, build muscles, purchase a house, steal cars, fly airplanes, climb mountains, ride bicycles, drive a tank, swim in the sea, etc. If Carl breaks any street rules or indulges himself in any crime, he would be held by Cops. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Download the game

Well, this game comes with amazing graphics and if your smartphone/tablet has an excellent memory and a powerful processor, then you’ll enjoy San Andreas very much. GTA requires version 3.0+ of the OS and an internal storage space of 2.4 gigabytes. Windows phone version of this software is still under development. So windows phone users have to satisfy themselves by playing this game on their PC or Laptops.


  1. Reegon

    Wow, greaaaaat. I’m a big fan of GTA since 2001…I’ve grown up with GTA games. Can I play it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 or I need a better smartphone?

  2. Obasi Miracle

    Hi Pramod

    It ‘ve so long since I last visited, honestly your blog has improved so much than it was prior to this time.
    I love GTA both for pc and android, the review is really awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.


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