I have come across many people who are interested in knowing what’s happening in personal lives of others. Well, I’m not the only guy who have encountered such people. You might be knowing some of them as well. If you think that someone is spying on you, the best way to safeguard your privacy would be:

  • Don’t discuss your life with others
  • Keep your data secure.

The 1st method is easy to follow. Think twice before discussing your personal life with others. People may spread the news of your dying relationship like a wildfire, which in turn will destroy your social image and respect in the society.

The 2nd method i.e., keeping private data safe from prying eyes is not difficult to implement. On Windows, you can set the user account password and clean browser cache/passwords as soon as you log out of your favorite website. You can also use LastPass to save your passwords securely.

On smartphones, you should use the Cheetah mobile’s CM security antivirus app lock or LEO privacy guard. You need these two apps to protect your messages, photos, and videos because most messaging applications work without forcing the users to log into an account. Thus, anyone who knows your phone’s pin code or pattern lock can read your personal messages. For example, WhatsApp users can start chatting with their friends immediately after they run this instant messenger. If someone manages to crack your phone pattern lock, he’ll get access to all your messages and contacts. You can prevent this situation by installing Leo privacy guard or CM Security for Android. We’ve already shared a review on CM security and should go through it because the app from Cheetah mobiles has a locking feature. Leo privacy guard is yet another popular applock. Below is the review.

Getting Started and statistics

Leo privacy guard is inching close to a million ratings. As of now, it has an excellent rating of 4.2 on the play store (reviewed by more than 600 thousand users). It is available for free download on Android 4.0+ devices. Anyone can install and use this app. The version 2.7 of this application requires 10.4 MB storage space and its size on the play store is 5.6 MB.

When you run it, this Android application will display a slideshow that explains the key features. You can skip the slideshow if you want. This app will make you enter a four-letter pin code or pattern lock password before it opens the main interface.

Here are the most important Leo Privacy Guard features:

Easy shortcuts

This function will add a popup based animated shortcut system to your Android tablet or phone. Users can access this shortcut utility by swiping. They can change the swipe direction and trigger area from the settings.

My apps

This is a useful tool as it allows you to

  • Improve battery backup by killing unwanted apps.
  • Uninstall apps.
  • Check data usage and set data plan.
  • Enable or disable secure shortcuts.

The above utilities are easy to use.

Lock and protection

This is the most useful feature of Leo privacy guard as it allows you to lock all your favorite applications. You can create a lock mode if you have installed a lot of apps. Anyone who tries to access locked content will have to enter the correct pattern lock or pin code. Protection feature allows users to hide videos, images, private messages/calls.

Performance booster

This module will make your device faster by releasing system memory wasted by idle applications.

Download this app here.

Conclusion: Leo privacy guard from Leomaster is a good app with some useful features. It has easy to use UI. For some reason, this app crashed several times on my MIUI 6 OS (Kit Kat) running Android smartphone and its main screen was inaccessible even after entering the correct password.


  1. trari

    leo privacy guard is a real nice app, my phone’s totally under cover now, my gf cannot see my text nor pics or any other stuff like apps that i watn to keep private. it works fine for me, glad i found it. ihad a trouble with disappeared file after deinstalling the app, so i contacted their support team and they helped me find the missing file no prob.


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