Many people believe that engineers working for IT organization are lucky because they have a good package, dream job and a lot of benefits. But in reality, things are different. TinyPulse has revealed the truth by publishing a survey on more than 4500 IT employees.

The study claims that most engineers are not aware of their company’s goals, policies, and objectives. This is shocking because employees are given a walkthrough of the company before they join office. What’s more surprising is that employees who are not aware of company policy are against it.

According to tiny pulse survey, more than 50% of employees are not admired for their work, and this is one of the primary reason why they are happy with their job. Praising employees for their hard work increases their confidence and performance.

reasons why IT employees are unhappy at work

When tiny pulse surveyor asked engineers who happy they were at work only 19% of the employees rated their happiness as 9 out of 10. Employees are unhappy with the work, and they quit their job because of the below points

Salary Hike

Whether it’s an IT or a government employee, everyone expects their wages to increase by 10 to 20% before the year-end. If the employee is not satisfied with the salary, he won’t give 100% at work.

Poor management

A manager or the team leader should be highly skilled, dynamic and helpful. Instead of torturing employees, he should guide them in completing the project/task.


When a co-employee is promoted to a new role, other team members (especially the seniors) will be jealous. The manager or the leader should be smart enough to handle such situations.

Shift work

Unlike software engineers and developers, people working in support teams may have to work in shifts. Imagine how it feels if you’re made to work seven consecutive nights (in a shift).

Same old work

Employees task should be refreshed or rotated after every project. Engineers will not enjoy writing the same code/complete similar tasks now and then. In cricket, when a player is not performing, his role is changed, and position is swapped. IT companies should learn from this.

Lack of skills

In my perspective, Employees who hate their job in an IT company are unskilled. It’s not the fault of the employee because the interview process was not good and the HR, Interviewer should be blamed for this. For example, Java is a broad programming language.

If a company is hiring an employee for an enterprise project, the JAVA EE skills of the employee should be tested. If a job seeker cracks an interview based on the basics and fundamentals of Java, he should be assigned the role suits his skills. It would be a waste of time if he is made to work on a Java EE project.

Skills are developed over the time. A workshop of one or two weeks will not be enough. Thus, the main objective should be on building the right team and hiring skilled engineers who can contribute to the success of the organization.

Source: TinyPulse


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