October and November are the months of festivals, and many consumers spend lakhs of Rupees in a buying latest cars that are within their budget. Thus, it is not surprising that many manufacturers launch their new cars in these two months. Volkswagen is eyeing on the festive season as the German auto company has officially introduced six latest variants of its top-selling hatchback Polo.

The latest Volkswagen car will cost within 5 to 8.5 lakh Rupees, and they come with better features as compared to the Polo 2014 model. The new additions include ORVM electric mirror module and glove box cooling system.

The latest Volkswagen hatchbacks are available with TDI and MPI technology based 1.2 or 1.5-liter engines that generate 74 to 103 bhp power. They feature manual transmission system (5 speed) along with an automatic gearbox. They have passed NCAP safety tests. Thus, the cars are safe and comfortable.

Volkswagen Polo 2015 price in India and specs

Fiat is also planning to launch powerful Abarth variants of its hottest line of cars i.e., Punto. This car is stylish as well as sturdy. Its ground clearance has been reduced to 175/165 millimeters. It features a 145 bhp powerful 1.4-liter engine, disk brakes at the rear, alloy wheels and tires manufacturer by Apollo.

Abarth Punto is fantastic because it can reach to an impressive speed on 100 KMPH within 9.6 seconds. One of its variants i.e., Punto Evo has been claimed to be the fastest hatchback in the country. The cars will have a stylish Abarth sticker, and they’ll be manufactured in India at a Fiat plant in Maharashtra. They have a top speed within 160 to 210 kilometers per hour.

Fiat Abarth Punto launch date. price and features

If you’re interested in buying Fiant Abarth Punto, visit your nearest car dealer along with 50K Rs to book the car. You’ll get the new Punto before November 20th i.e., Diwali/Dusshera 2015.

If you can invest 20+ lakh Rs in a car, check out the details of Mercedes-Maybach S600 as it will be officially launched in India this month (September 25th to be precise).


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