Having a good typing speed on the keyboard can save a lot of time. Suppose you have been assigned a task of adding 1000s of records from one excel document to the other file without using the copy-paste functions. If you’re a programmer, you can write a program for automating the task. Development of the application will take some time, but when it is ready, the job will be completed in a few minutes.

For data entry professionals, this will prove to be a time-consuming job unless he/she has a great typing speed.

A person having low typing speed will not be accepted in the industry where the use of computers is compulsory. Having a good TS is beneficial for anyone using a computer.

For professional writers and bloggers, typing speed plays an imperative role in building a career and website. Your chief editor expects you to deliver a polished and high-quality article quickly. If you fail to do so, you might lose your job.

If you’re not happy with your typing speed, there’s a good way to improve it to 100 WPM (or more).

You don’t have to change your typing technique, sitting posture or position, nor you have to install and use a Windows software.

Spend some time playing the below games daily and within 25 to 30 days, you’ll experience a difference.

Note: For better results, make sure that you’re using both the hands (10 fingers).

Best typing games to increase typing speed

4Type Racer

This website allows you to showcase your typing skills to the world. It gives you an opportunity to participate in multiplayer typing games. It has an invitation system through which you can ask your friends to compete with you. When you enter into a typing race, you’ll be prompted to enter the words displayed in a sentence. The words should be in the same sequence else you’ll have to re-enter it. The sentence displayed on the screen will be an excerpt from a popular story book, song or speech.

This website displays the list of users with the fastest typing speeds. When I played the game, I found that some users had an impressive speed of 180 WPM. I managed to get an ordinary score of 34 WPM on Type Racer.

Visit the website.

3Keyboard games

This website displays a large canvas embedded with a long paragraph. All you have to do is, type the words you see in the article. When you start typing in the keyword, the color of the letters will change from gray to red to indicate that you’ve typed the word correctly.

The game will display your typing accuracy, time taken to complete the sentences, and the typing speed on the fly (or when you’ve stopped entering the words). A sound file will be played whenever you press a key on the keyboard. If you find the sound annoying, there’s a toggle button to turn it off. This website has a lot of fun learning games for toddlers.

You can visit it here.

2Ten fast fingers

This website supports multiple languages. Hence, if you’re using a non-English keyboard, then this website is highly recommended for you. 10FF features a multi-level typing game. The first level is the easiest level. If you manage to complete it, the next level is unlocked. 10FF allows you to select your typing speed in WPM. The objective of the game is to reach the speed you’ve set.

This website allows its users to join an online typing competition game. Your typing speed, accuracy will be displayed when the game is over.

Visit 10FF here.

Conclusion: The above games may not be as addictive as GTA, WarCraft, but they’re useful and very efficient in increasing typing speed on the keyboard. I would recommend you to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes daily playing the above games.

Every time you take up an online typing challenge, you’ll learn to type faster with much better accuracy. This will also help in improving your confidence level.



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